Liminalist # 24.5: The Floodwaters of Liminality (with John Michael Greer)


Part two of conversation with Archdruid John Michael Greer, on time, the narrated self, and the inception of language, the occult path, the ubiquity of liminality, the three rays of Druid myth, the liminality of time, time & timelessness, life on the margins, banishing uncertainty, rising ocean levels and ice sheets, the flows that unite, cultural bias to find the divide, poison containers and the environmental crisis as projection, Roszak’s Where the Wasteland Ends, externalization, first degree training for druids, learning to choose, denying the existence of freedom, exploring free will, spontaneity as living response, countering the Law of Attraction, JMG’s life in Oregon, David Icke & the Space Lizards, wiggle room in the control system, house renovations as magical ritual, the work that seeks you out, JMG’s online life, JMG’s offline life, the fun of collapsing, JMG’s last TV set, what JMG does to relax, 2015 & the global economy prognosis, domestic insurgency, rising levels of hatred in the US, manufacturing insurgency, beady-eyed men in high places, the most likely future for America, fascism from the fringe, radical traditionalism and the Alternate Perceptions Community, taking the psychopathic elite personally, the Thule Society and the German Workers’ Party, a Marxist revival, the Great Convulsion, the consequences of denying liminality, the price of losing control, the only way out, the question of satanic ritual abuse vs. “satanic panic,” the UK pedophile explosion, social destabilization, US and UK revolution, the pacifying of the American people.

The Archdruid Report

Songs: “El Mariachi” and “Monkey Said” by The Freak Fandango Orchestra; “Song for Obol,” by Arborea; “Currituck Sound,” by Twang Darkly; “Too Many Snakes,” by Trailer Bride.

8 thoughts on “Liminalist # 24.5: The Floodwaters of Liminality (with John Michael Greer)”

  1. Besides the global warming stuff, of which I can’t seem to find any reliable answers for or against it, specially the carbon part, I really enjoyed these two hours.

    You need to get rid of that recent comment part of your blog though, it’s making me look like a no lifer.

    • What are you talking about?

      EVERYBODY is a “no lifer”; its just that some people are better than others at distracting themselves and dressing in drag…

      JMG is an interesting author and activist, and I support his work; but his blog is heavily moderated almost to the point of being a cult of personality. There is very little contrary opinion; and questioning his official narrative is not tolerated.

      Lots of dogma hostages over there genuflecting and kowtowing to his archdruidness…



      • Verry interresting…. I only moderate operatives, honey pots, and, um, Ann Diamond (sorry Ann, you did say you liked it)

        (Edit: does JMG fess to blocking disagreement?)

        • “does JMG fess to blocking disagreement?” — JH

          Not openly; its more an effect of things not seen?

          In his defense, I suspect part of his heavy censorship is due to coming under greater and greater attack because much of what he describes does work and is effective if you take your time and experiment with it.

          Its as if he opens peoples eyes then gets annoyed with what people see?

          For example,

          he did an article on the end of space exploration due to all his “collapse porn.” on the comments thread EVERYBODY accepted the Apollo 11 moonwalk as the high point of manned space exploration.

          I scrolled through 3 to 500 comments looking for the at least one person to raise the possibility it was faked?

          There was none.

          Or was there one or more that he blocked?

          600 some odd comments by smart white people and not one of them raised the possibility the event was faked?


          You gotta be kiddin me;

          This is the real JMG “magic.”

          Without the moonwalking peak its more difficult to demonstrate the space exploration decline; and that was the entire purpose of his article.

          Am I the only one to suspect the space exploration “decline” started far earlier than Apollo 11?

          That it might have started with a lie?

          Reading through all those comments was a very disappointing experience.

          Jasun, I describe what you do to maintain an effective blog as “filtering”; not with the goal of keeping out that with which you disagree; but through the use of refined mesh, force an increase in resolution making the questions subtle enough they reveal more accurate answers.

          A tickle will often reveal far more information than a punch.

      • Strange. Something felt off about the guy, but I just chalked it up to his very gentle voice and “eagerness”.

        I was expecting him to be more of a rugged viking with that beard! Threw me for a loop..

      • Hmm, I never thought about the opposite direction. I blame my commenting habits on the mangers at my work never checking up on me though, lmao.


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