Liminalist # 29: 100 Galaxies (with Temple Grandin)


Accompanying article: “An Encounter with the Improbable: Temple Grandin.”

Part one of a two-part conversation with autistic author Temple Grandin, with introduction by Jasun on penetrating the membrane of the mainstream; on the auticulture audience, taking socialization, refusing handshakes, rejecting the social contract, kids today, learning basic skills, small talk among humans, early intervention, Temple & Mr. Spock, the difference between facts and morality, removing the hands-on classes from schools, autism politics, ABA treatment, the Judge Rotterberg Center, Christian Smith and jump-starting language, the ableist view, giving back to the community, Grandin’s anxious years, going on antidepressants, combatting anxiety with hard work, the autistic aversion to lying, Silicon Valley & Neuro-Tribes, bottom-up thinking, socially-condoned lying, the body’s natural way of being, Grandin’s 4 classifications of social rules, the sins of the system, Grandin’s spirituality, the different kinds of thinking, the meaning of life according to Temple, Grandin’s imaginary friend, kite-flying in childhood, sensory sensitivity in autistics, the comparison between autistics and animals, sensory-based memory, Grandin’s visual thinking in action, the two streams of communication, reading body language, life after medication, becoming a celebrity, Hollywood awards ceremonies, two Lear jets does not buy happiness, working on the HBO movie, Claire Danes’ channeling abilities.

Temple Grandin’s website.

Songs: “El Mariachi” by The Freak Fandango Orchestra; “Of the Lakes,” “Snow in the Basin Pt II,” by SunWalker; “Blackberries Hedge,” by Secret Jane.

2 thoughts on “Liminalist # 29: 100 Galaxies (with Temple Grandin)”

  1. I am a few episodes behind, just listened to #26 with Bo Moore which was one of the episodes I enjoyed the most so far in this series, but I will jump to this one today before listening to the once in between.

    I might be coming back here later tonight and flaming the comment section further, but I will give her and the episode a fair chance, unlike what the children indoctrinated and damaged by ABA “treatment” or the billions of lifes brutaly murdered in “just ways” got.
    Sry but I cannot help myself 🙂 I WILL try and give it a fair chance though.

  2. My comment might come of abit delirious, I made the bad decision last night to try Rithalin, mostly out of curiosity due to a family member and a friend taking it regulary as medication.
    So now i have a fever and headache and what not coming down from it. Though I probably took too big dosage of it and I guess it is something that one should be gradually “used to”, however I wouldnt recommend anyone to try it. Feels like my body is trying to get rid of rat poison or something at the moment.

    I assume it was my stated opinions on Temple that you refered to in the intro to the episode 🙂
    Though I think you did a good job trying to interview her on short notice. But what she often does is “awnsering” questions by plugging her books etc. However I will wait for the second part before I say anything more about it.

    Instead, before going back to bed I have to share what happend when listening to it.
    So before turning on the episode, I removed the bedspread from my bed and throw it on the carpet on the floor next to the bed as I always do since one of the cats who lives here loves to sleep on it.
    And as usual it only took like 1 minute before the cat located herself there. She is almost 20 years old and usually always stays there until I wake up. But as soon as Temple starts speaking she started to twitch around in discomfort and after a couple of minutes she relocated herself to the other side of the apartment. Now I guess the logical reason behind it might be that the bad sound quality disturbed her, but my schizotypal side ofc interpret it differently 🙂 Also once the episode was over she got back to sleep on the bedspread again 🙂

    Anyways, as always it was a pleasure to listen to you’re podcast.


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