The Liminalist # 70.5: Salvation & Loneliness (with Paul Seydor)


Part two of conversation with Paul Seydor, on Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid, how Brando taught Sam to hate, Stanley Kubrick again, artists as human beings, humanizing the villains, Peckinpah & scapegoating, the old time directors’ sadism, Sam & the stars, endless rain on Ballad of Cable Hogue, Sam’s father & negative identity, Sam’s mother-enmeshment, Peckinpah’s issues with authority, Sam’s sensitivity, the vulnerability in Peckinpah’s work, Straw Dogs & Amy’s PTSD, the two rapes in Straw Dogs, Jasun’s father, Sam’s parents and the love that never was, Joyce’s The Dead, the vision of man & woman, how Sam’s wires got scrambled, the ravages of substance abuse, “Southern Gothic,” Paul calling Pauline Kael, Pauline’s giving Sam to Paul, David Peckinpah’s passing, abandoning Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid, shooting the ghost, The Castaway, slaying the doppelganger, conflict between father & son/legend & fact, trapped by legend, fame & alienation, Phil Feldman, an identity forged by success, Peckinpah’s artistry, the fragments of Pike’s life, this is it, the whore fuck, addiction & ancestry, Peckinpah’s drinking pattern, Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia, Sam’s safety valve, being hardwired to his movies, Major Dundee & narcissism, Moby Dick on horseback, Brian Kellow’s Kael bio, the rule of good biography.

Songs: “El Mariachi” & “Monkey Said” by The Freak Fandango Orchestra; “I Will Follow Sam,” mash-up, using music of Blind Creek.

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