The Liminalist # 148.5: Who Pays the Piper (with Theodore Dalrymple)

Part two of conversation with Theodore Dalrymple (Anthony Daniels), on the urge to liberate as a totalitarian urge, liberacion vs. salvation, seeking perfection in legislation, Trump as lightning rod, the Trump double-bind, the whirligig of time, a declining demographic of Trump support, illiberal liberalism, antifa fascism, Katy Hopkins protests, society as an imaginary autonomous entity, everyday oppression, a hierarchy of bullying, the managerialism of our lives, the desire for freedom for consequences, who pays the piper, aligning our desires with the State and corporations, a worthy authority, a life of suffering, self-inflicted suffering as a sign of privilege,  Chekov’s choice, misfortune as destiny, to misery born, a systematic denial of agency, complicity with monsters, taking the religious viewpoint too far, possessed by trauma, the danger of absolution dehumanizing, dealing with panhandlers, the last days of the tramp, reserving compassion for pure victims, dividing the world into victims and perpetrators, creating the scapegoat, the reverse of sentimentality, the Alt-Right, conspiracy speculation, conspiracies vs. The Conspiracy, the evidence for social engineering, the harm done by bad ideas, the Fabians’ Open Conspiracy, open ostentation of vice, Jimmy Savile, the Freudian sect, complicity as conspiracy.

Accompanying essayHigh-Road to Hell: Theodore Dalrymple & Progressive Politics as Perpetual Misery Machine (2 of 2)

Songs: “I’m Going Insane,” “Away from Here,” Embellir” (with Les Gauchers Quintet), “15 Bistro 2,” by Lee Maddeford.

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  1. mikeb
    Posted April 11, 2018 at 9:40 am | Permalink

    there’s a Kubrickian-Burgessness to all of this that is a bit surreal

    Dalrymple LIVE ! (2011 in Manhattan) was an especially interesting addition to this chat

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