Liminalist Interlude: Soul-Mining (Jasun Horsley talks to William Ramsey about John de Ruiter)

An interview by William Ramsey on Dark Oasis: A Self-Made Messiah Unveiled, on Jasun’s life story so far, driven by a splinter, the shamanic path, connecting to Kenneth Grant, following Jimmy Savile through UK history, Peter Levenda, meeting John de Ruiter, first impressions of Oasis, bypassing the intellect, body to body communication, Oasis corporation, manifesting power and inducing reverence, a Yin being, manifesting Christ, where’s Lucifer?, de Ruiter’s secret life, a redneck guru with a Christian moral set, how John reformatted his act to maximize its appeal, Oasis core group, speaking to Joyce, a spiritual empire, the Von Sass sisters, Joseph Smith Mormon scam and celestial marriages, Anina’s death, childhood trauma patterns and cult formation, the Calling, de Ruiter’s soul-mining agenda, Hell-proofing, wilderness training, a militaristic methodology, reconditioning through subtle abuse, the Sabbattean philosophy, the Accountability Committee, pure self-interest, a case study of cult mind control, early Mormon affidavits, who makes a cult, SWEDA and inadvertent creation of client-prisoners, the lure of being a prophet, the greatest power there is, the two kinds of leader.

Songs “Song for Old Orion,” “Born to Follow” by Art of Flying

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