Signed 16 Maps of Hell (Paperback & Hardback) and/or Audio Book

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Mapping the hidden underworld of Hollywood and the entertainment industry to expose the cultural implant that has hijacked our consciousness and re-access the joy of the life force.

Working on your book would be an act of biting the hand that feeds me at the moment.
. . .  I think that one would be asking a publisher to bite the hand that feeds them by publishing a book that takes on a system they are invested in.  Or if your theory is true – they would give you an advance then bury your book to protect their fellow media mafia.
~Literary agent, to author, on 16 Maps of Hell

For decades, a shadowy cultural elite has been applying the evolving media technology to shape the global psyche and occupy the landscape of our unconscious. Since the early days of Hollywood, these manufactured narratives have spilled over the edges of the movie screen and into reality. They have slowly stripped us of our sense of meaning and replaced our innate sense of value with “Hollywood” values.


Without recognizing it, we have been seduced into complicity with an empire of imagery, lured into mass infantilization and cultural-enthrallment, and afflicted with an as-yet undiagnosed condition of “propaganda-derangement syndrome.”

Fortunately, in our struggle to awaken, features of the nightmare landscape have begun to creep into view. 16 Maps of Hell combines 24 in-depth Hollywood case studies with acute cultural analysis to assemble a holographic lens through which to examine the dark under layer of the entertainment industry—and its true purpose.

By closely mapping a collectively-assembled social Hell, it offers the means to extract ourselves from the enchantments of a dark and ancient technological sorcery.

16 Maps of Hell is 190,000 words and will be over 592 pages in finished form. It will include roughly 20 b/w illustrations by Mrs. Horsley


Take a Look at 16 Maps of Hell Table of Contents

Hardback & paperback & audio book of 16 Maps of Hell* : The Unraveling of Hollywood Superculture (*with a Rough Draft of the Exit)


This campaign has now achieved its three goals. There is a limited run of 300 perfect-bound paperbacks and 100 beautifully designed, smyth-sewn hardbacks of 16 Maps of Hell, personally signed and posted out by the author. There is also an mp3 audio book read by the author.

The first 209 contributors (see below) are acknowledged in the book. 






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45 thoughts on “Signed 16 Maps of Hell (Paperback & Hardback) and/or Audio Book”

      • appreciate your interest – all copies are now sold except for a handful of hard copies (maybe 6) which I will either sell at collector price once I get them, or gift to donators (of a certain amount or over) to the new Galician project. thanks

    • Dear exquisite corpse, Alas, Just today 10/5/21 I realize I came too late to this beggars banquet by way of many last names. Would be lovely to read what you wrote either soft or hard. What are my options to follow your Maps? JMM

  1. “It’s happening!” I’m very much enjoying watching this tally go up. All power to you and Mrs H. I’ll order a t-shirt also come next pay check xx

  2. ok- don’t get the math but a 3a with a t-shirt for 40 or so pounds would get me. i’ll wait for the book.

    cheers! and best of luck..peace, b

  3. Note changes to the options: you can now pre-order the audio book via option 2; option 3 no longer includes the audio book, tho I will of course honor that promise for those who chose it before today.

    Option 2 contributors from before today can also choose the audio book over the T-shirt.

    • Note also the addition of Homo Serpiens Redux/Redacted: Emerging from Occultism (Jasun Horsley Vs Aeolus Kephas) (100 page PDF) to options 2-6. This is also retroactive, meaning everyone who has pledged so far will receive this as an extra for their dedication & loyalty.

  4. Having tallied up, 128 copies have currently pre-sold of 16 Maps of Hell, leaving 72 of the 200 smythe-sewn paperback print run which I plan to order at the end of the campaign. Though there will probably be another print run after or simultaneous with that one, these paperbacks will be perfect-bound (reinforced); they will be slightly cheaper but also less durable as a result. They will also not be numbered or inscribed, tho they will probably still be signed.

  5. Hello! Is the shipping date still around late October? I just placed my order and am having it shipped to a Address I won’t be moving to until mid-September.

    Thank you!

  6. possible first line for back cover copy for 16 Maps of Hell: “Have we all been initiated into a sorcery cult without our knowledge or consent, to become serfs of a Hollywood superculture?”


  7. To Jasun
    I have your first 2 books but this one looks so interesting. Hollywood has taken up a lot of space in my internal world and I was intrigued and fascinated over the whole Joker and Heath Ledger. Where are the books being posted from?
    I live in the UK and want to buy the paperback edition.

  8. Kurt H’s review in progress:

    “About 1/3 rd through. Somewhat dreading the second half. This book is like one of those demon tomes of forbidden arcane knowledge but with modern technology- the use of Hollywood culture as sunglasses so as to not be instantly driven mad by looking at it.

    This is a great work. My wife is constantly horrified by the cover and places it out of site if I leave it out. Exactly the gut reaction anyone should have towards the book. Reads like butter too.”

  9. 16 maps of Hell is an excellent read. It’s the first book of Jasuns I have purchased and I will read the rest in time. I’ve always been fascinated by the sinister side of Hollywood and it seems I have always been able to get down to the third onion layer of a movies storyline. This is a scholarly work and I appreciate how much Jasun has researched this subject regarding the psychology and manipulation behind cinema and the media in general.


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