The Last Post (Move Calmly Towards the Exits)

Here we go! The last blogpost as the new site is launched, at 8:46 am EDT (an explanation of this odd timing will be at the new site).




Roughly 4 hours later, there is a rare free Dave Oshana online event, open to all:

Last up, two recent Interviews on POI:

With Jessum Guy:

With Joe Green (Part One)


I also did one with Shaun Attwood live which doesn’t appear to be available yet. And one with Psyop Cinema, soon to come.

The Auticulture site will remain up as an archive site and any remaining Liminalist podcasts (in theory there are still 9 to go) will continue to be posted here. The main page will be set to redirect to the new site, however.

The new site will mostly focus on video and audio content and online meetings, workshops, and other opportunities, all of which will require registering at the site to participate in. Occasional writing will be viewable without registering.

Lastly, I will give word at the new site regarding the tiny handful of remaining copes of 16 Maps of Hell (inc. a Rough Draft of the Exit) and how they might be obtained.


PS: Launch on YT:


4 thoughts on “The Last Post (Move Calmly Towards the Exits)”

  1. I am going to miss hell and the constant dopamine shot of anxiously and constantly connecting all the dots.
    Write to us occasionally from heaven Jasun, we who are here luxuriating in the sulphur like fumes of who might be behind the great covid extermination.
    I think your new site will be all boring angels and harps, like the difference between watching hard core porn and a married couple having loving, intimate sex.
    Spiritual wholeness is such a boner killer. All trees gardens harps and small woodland animals. Why be connected when you can be atomised ?
    I will never forgive you for leaving us here, but we will keep a spot warm for you, padon the pun.
    Take care up there.


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