The Liminalist # 15.5: The Non-Negotiable Nature of Reality (w/ Mark Ehrman)


Part two of talk with Getting Out author Mark Ehrman, on fighting for the right to withdraw, rendering unto Caesar, hashtag robots, the Je Suis Charlie lockstep, how to defeat the opposition, nurturing independent thought, deconstructing conspiracy, getting past projection, instinctive perception management, the continuum of inner and outer, chasing quantum particles, leaving language-based reality, competing alternate healing models, discerning good information/food from bad, Rigorous Intuition and crisis actors, Edward Bernays and the social engineering mold, why Ehrman became a writer, writing for the mainstream vs. writing for oneself, The Corbett Report Alex Jones and Bill Hicks, Adam Gorightly’s sanity, how to stay sane in the conspiracy field, discerning how to discern, Bob Dylan-as-operative, Dylan’s deal with the devil, Jasun’s experience of divine immigration.

Mark Ehrman’s site.

Songs: “El Mariachi” and “Monkey Said” by The Freak Fandango Orchestra; “Dagmar’s Surf” (mixed with Whitley Strieber & Art Bell), by French Radio Constellation“Song for Herb” and “Sick with Information,” by Big Blood.

1 thought on “The Liminalist # 15.5: The Non-Negotiable Nature of Reality (w/ Mark Ehrman)”

  1. The slogan generation – “let’s go down town and shout slogans at the elite in their skyscrapers! That’ll show them; Then we can go down to McDonalds and refuel”.

    As always (well, so far) another great episode.


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