The Liminalist # 154: The Impossible Shepherd (with Jonathan Pageau)

Conversation with Jonathan Pageau, on the relation between liminality & Logos, the vesica piscis, the Christian formula, Christ the impossible shepherd, all the way to the limit, a confused Israelite, liminal characters in the Gospel, the many aspects of Christ, the trickster, Christ’s journey to hades, the all-redeemer, Greek myth parallels, emptying Hades, driving the demons out of Hell, the purging fire of Theosis, transparency to God, forgiveness as embers on your head, the difference between Hades & hellfire, the threat of the Infinite, projecting onto God, religion & power abuse, no common folk in Hell, the corrupting influence of knowledge, when God eats the fruit, what the incarnation is, the source of all possibilities, the corpus of Dionysus, the problem of the infinite, love over knowledge, unity & multiplicity, the Soul of Humanity, human nature as Logos, Rene Girard & zombie apocalypse, the scapegoat, unresolved world war two issues, polarization, the tree & the branches, rejecting the margins, defining mania, Weimar Germany revisited, the transgender agenda, the difference between social justice warrior and the martyr, the deification of the anomaly, multiculturalism, specialness, social contagion, & resentment, a French Canadian perspective, being associated with Jordan Peterson, organized malevolence in the end times, exploring the darkness, the spirit of Mammon, a spiritual disease, the wheat & the chaff, instant apocalypse.

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Video version of this talk

Songs: “I’m Going Insane” by Lee Maddeford; The Natives Are Restless  by Don Tiki; “Hale Zale” by We Is Shore Dedicateed

3 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 154: The Impossible Shepherd (with Jonathan Pageau)”

  1. This was one of the most impacting podcasts you’ve done Jasun. The bit where your guest spoke about the outcome of evil or our dark, fallen nature meeting pure love (in Christ) was very powerful and profound. I’m going to have to listen to the podcast a second time to take it all in.

    I’ve written in the comments of your blog over the years about how similar, often uncannily so, our interests and life experiences and choice are and here it seems. I’ve gone through the process of moving from being a default, albeit hedonistic, indulgent liberal to buddhist (small b) to advaita, to now where about 6 months ago, after spending 2 years in Alt-Right circles, I began to develop an interest in Orthodox Christianity. I attended my first service 5 weeks ago. I’m not sure how it will pan out, I just pray for guidance and make baby steps in the right direction. I’m still weighed down to a certain extent by individualism, materialism and the concomitant juvenile addiction to license and comfort, but I practice simplifying my life by having fewer possessions and give of myself where I can and when I can remember to do so. It’s a slow but purposeful reorientation to what I have come to believe is truth.

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