The Liminalist # 155.5: The Impossibility of Sex (Game of Lovers, with Jamieson Webster)

Part two of return conversation with Jamieson Webster, on the envy of infants, what Jordan Peterson does for women, feminist harpies, how the sexes don’t know what to do with each other, identifying the wrong turn in the past, the war of the sexes, acknowledging mutual accountability, identification and counter-identification, restoring femininity, Rose McGowan’s rage, the quest for justice, the burden of beauty, women’s power, contradictory messages, a tangled mess of sex relations, what shakes loose in therapy, genital organization, Freud on universal debasement and object choice, the Madonna-whore complex, a mortified phallus, multiple desire objects for women, the cost of civilized morality, the secret of marriage, order and chaos, focused & unfocused awareness, Lacan, neurosis & sexuality, no natural order, the impossibility of sex post-sexual revolution, no natural order, Peterson’s prescriptions, the marital chamber, a game of lovers, hosts to an unexpected visitor, ancestral influences, using the libido for ego validation, the moment of conception, a Darwinian struggle, mental battleground, genital disorganization, no genital stage, a black hole in Freudianism, where the fantasies all crowd in, articulating desperation, suicidal teens, inducted into a cover-up, a toxic womb, a toxic culture, the solution of alienation, separating from patterns, the opportunity of not getting, marriage as alienation, the presence of the beloved, the gift of nothing, the end of analysis, unrecognizable love, the marginalization of psychoanalysis, the thing of value, sexual love, Eros, a simulation, a mysterious conception, the only thing Freud trusted, sublimatory work, an open question, nothing left but faith, fear of Peterson’s troll army, gender confusion & bathrooms.

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Songs: “I’m Going Insane” & “15 Bistro” by Lee Maddeford; “I’m in Love” by The Blacks; “Aurora Avenue” by Rose Windows.

3 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 155.5: The Impossibility of Sex (Game of Lovers, with Jamieson Webster)

  1. Great conversation. Thanks both!

    Came across this video today and made me think of your chat. Father Rohr discusses the English term ‘Original Sin’ as unfortunate compared to the German phrasing that apparently means ‘Inherited Sin.’ He thinks that better captures the idea of passing on woundedness, which is inescapable.

    Original Sin and the Wound

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