The Liminalist # 175: A Replicant Awakens (with Gib Strange)

Return conversation with Gib Strange, for secret replicants Meet Nov 8th 2018.

As two separate audios:

Part 1: Talking about Neuro-Deviant, Notes from Underground, the outsider archetype, Taxi Driver, the unsympathetic alienated, Frank Booth in Blue Velvet, the anti-villain, misery makes the fiend, existentialism as product, Gib’s avatar in Notes from Uncanny Valley, Edgar Poe’s Imp of the Perverse, taboo and social control, monoculture vs. diversity, space for the damaged, socially accepted rebellion, counterculture as psyop, Catcher in the Rye, what’s behind the zeitgeist, the synthesis of fiction & nonfiction, distrust for success, Mad Men, individually targeted markets, youth culture and identity formation, increased bifurcation, a fetish menu, maternal psychic enmeshment, girls with daddy issues, A.I., recreating the mother’s body, The Overlook, Phillip K. Dick & siphoning neuro-deviants, a control mechanism, life in a simulation, the door to nihilism, believing in nothing, the question of meaning, super-egoism, a replicant awakens, action vs. philosophy, radio signals to the brain, delusions for sale, the Illuminati meme, Paul Hellyer, information saturation, acclimatization to acts of abomination, a polarity of gullibility, a split in the psyche, increased polarization, disappearing transition seasons, imagination, the power of certainty, sleeping better without uncertainty,gender identification at odds with sexual orientation, the search for tolerable uncertainty,

Part 2: Hollywood Illuminati, when people lie, experiencing DID & fragmentation, the CIA’s authorized disclosures, gas-lighting, homogenized insanity, pre-Apocalyptic climate, Trump & Kanye West, celebrity meltdown,Joaquin Phoenix, simulated meltdown, Jim Carrey’s plausible deniability, Kidding, the shadow & the persona,when psyops become sexy, Stranger Things & ripping off internet conspiracy culture, seeding the internet with disinformation narratives, CIA & Hollywood, early film propaganda, 2001 & “benign” propaganda, 2001’s impact on science, The Imitation Game & how to militarize autism, history & conspiracy theory, Phillip K. Dick’s weak ego, living in someone else’s world, selective skepticism, the test of a first-rate intelligence, susceptibility to lying, ironic detachment & the opposite of literal, borderline personality disorder, Icke’s reptiles, the growing trend of neurodiversity & postmodern subjective reality, white nationalism and the attempt to find solid ground, negative identity syndrome.

Songs: “Slouching Towards Bremen” by Geoff Berner; “Mr. Popular” by Dead Cinema; “Silencio” by The Womb; “These Words Are Yours,” by Hazelwood Motel

11 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 175: A Replicant Awakens (with Gib Strange)”

  1. “Once you go there, where do you go from there ?”

    Nice one. The Gib that keeps on gibbing.

    I think that if you narrated an audio book of Notes from Underground with a little sound to fit what is happening, like foley stuff, incidentals, you’d be in the moneys. It’d be like some fucked-up one man Prairie Home Companion.

  2. I think actually there’s a demographic on the internet that centers on mother-enmeshed culture –“red pill awareness” on the “manosphere”. I recently read “No more Mr.Nice Guy” and the author does this observation (that he sees man with weak father figures as more prone to this “nice guy syndrome”). Just starting to read “The boys crisis”, which seems to include a more rigurosus statistic analysis.

    I read also in “The ESP enigma” something about measures of psi effects as being qualitatively different in women and man. I am afraid I have not the book here right now, but for all I can remember it was something akin to man’s effects being sharper and definite than woman’s.

    Maybe writers with absent father’s could linger towards these weak self coherence psyche. Asides from PKD, it comes from to my mind Pessoa –70+ heteronyms and big interest i nCrowley– whose father died at age 5.

    I didn’t know that the refrigerator mother theory was rejected due to mother’s outrage. Thought I don’t know enough about that theory to discard it or not, I have seen some studies linking mother’s stress threshold to disruptive behaviors in their autistic sons. Heard also some chinese doctors linking autism to the mother sphere, althought the culture gap is too wide here to pretend to know what exactly are refering to.

    About the self-referential selective skepticism loop, i thought it maybe is a monotheistic thing; if you live in a culture with one true god and the other is seen as adversarial, it follows that you are going to be unable to recognize other –sometimes radically different– ways of being.

    • Interesting – tho my guess is this demographic is more of the Fight Club, reactive, proto-fascist types, & would not be open to the sort of self-examination that’s required for dis-enmeshment to happen, being more proactively driven.

      The refrigerator theory was unfairly discredited, IMO, and is one more example of the “dominant mother” influence in our supposedly “patriarchal” society.

      • No doubt that demographic has is share of reactive types –I would say the same thing to other movements. Also, althought those movements are now linked to alt-right memeplex, this is a latter development, and they came from different places. I am not sure about denying them self-examination or his fair share of inner work.

        Having been inmersed on that stuff for some time now, I have seen in its best representatives displays of raw, grim acceptance, lots of resentment distilled into insight and an attitude of looking at the world with increased objectivity and historical perspective –the movement grew from Pick Up Artistry to evolutionary psychology: first Rollo Tomassi’s book, “The Rational Male”, it’s still the deepest writing on the scene.

    • Great thoughts, Ignatius. Now that you point it out, the “manosphere” crowd seems obvious as the demographic I was trying to imagine. As Jasun said, the proto-fascist proximity undermines the whole thing, though I’m sure there are quieter, more-proactive corners of that world, as you must’ve found in your research. I guess the example of the success of Jordan Petersen would also seem to validate Jasun’s diagnosis.

      Does anyone have any good information on why autism is so much higher in males than females yet?

      Interesting you bring up ESP—would have to be connected to the weak ego idea. If one’s ego boundaries are loose then they are at the mercy of the surrounding culture and would therefore be more empathic, if not privy to a kind of party line that people with more “healthy” ego boundaries would be protected from hearing. That would seem to make sense in the case of Dick. Maybe he wrote about that in Schizophrenia and the Book of Changes?

  3. the next Liminalist podcast will be a solo run or possibly a recording of a live Q & A event on Zoom; post your questions here and/or email me to attend said event, possibly this Sunday aft. PST


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