The Liminalist # 176: Let the River Have It

Solo session with Jasun responding to listener questions, on desired Liminalist guests, aids to individuation, talking about the Apocalypse, resurrection of the body, processing the content of the unconscious, return of the gods, death as judgment day, peak oil & the end of earth’s resources, the conspiracy spectrum, the mindset of the skeptic, an inherent contradiction in conspiracy theory, the idea of agency, mysticism and magic, how magick works, hacking our unconscious, a deeper level of fraud, the metaphysical pursuit of happiness, psyop & magic, a mechanistic belief in the paranormal, the shadow of the spirit realm, gods and eggregores, talking C. S. Lewis, Hollywood psyop and Satan, entities and psychedelics, astrology & occultism, an outmoded astronomy, atavism, escape into the past, Dave Oshana, the Transmission and language, Vice of Kings, Programmed to Kill, listening to physical afflictions, entities and psychic fragments, the question of what’s optimal, Job’s story, the idea of purity, the body system, religious vs. occult perspectives, a premature assumption of power, the path of liberation, becoming aware of implants, the goal of no goals, the path of dissatisfaction, physical enactments of unconscious processes, the logic of money, Saturn’s realm, rocks in the river, getting rid of our stuff, the process of individuation, the love of life, let the river have it.

Video version

Songs: “Slouching Towards Bremen” by Geoff Berner; ” “Could Be Worse,” by Littlefoot; “Mistress Song” by Fit and the Conniptions; “These Words Are Yours,” by Hazelwood Motel

3 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 176: Let the River Have It”

  1. My ears were burning a bit at the beginning of this one. Either that or you have another adamant Flat Earth person who is a zealot for your work.

    I’m almost to the end of seen and not seen and the writing about Sebastian is wonderful and heartbreaking.

    We did a three-hour live stream last night with Tracy Twyman and I mentioned you at the very end because what we talked about was similar to what you touched on concerning Leonard Cohen.

    I’m going to keep listening now. Thanks Jasun.


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