The Liminalist # 180: Getting It to Code (or: Vacuum Language, with David Costanza)

Return conversation with David Costanza, on Paper Tiger compared to the country rolling ride of The Liminalist, making Escort Mission, Art of Flying’s new album, starting over, new members, from cassette to vinyl, the secret life of a sing, interpreting art, the worm-hole of definition, the musical shepherd, The Lords of Howling, battling evil, resist not evil, emerging from the shadow of larger personality, book writing, material dictates form, matching the weight of songs, the power of limitation, the technology of vinyl, 25 songs, single vs. double album, “Jesus Said, Mary Said,” concept albums worst & best, working out a problem, Springsteen’s Darkness on the Edge of Town, sacrificial songs that live on in spirit form, killing your darlings, letting go of ego, Proust, the truth in editing, the point of it all, a trip around the song, the weight of the project, the dream of immortality, alien intervention, ephemerality, the echoes of existence, part of something grater, building a staircase, art as interacting with environment, music as problem-solving over self-expression, getting it to code, process as teacher, contours of the universe, repetition & discovery, language as spell, the advantages of marginality, David Byrne & “Psycho Killer,” do artists become slave to their creations?, the job spectrum from coal-mining to pop-singing, a healthy burden of work, Carlos Castaneda, sleep songwriting, “Kubla Khan,” plundering the Akashic records, there is no song, a blue-collar realist, an electrical charge/dreamspace, a day well-lived, revisiting songs, tapping into the audience, the idea of audience, art for integration and communication/ connection, Five Easy Pieces, Paper Tiger and the attempt at a dialogue, an internalized critic, an imaginary audience, getting through the ancestors, a wedding song, trumpet fanfare, casting off self-image, wrestling with Jesus, the Gospel, flirting with conversion, giving birth to the freaks, escorting into form, the cringe-worthy nature of Jesus, a vacuum language, having children, restoring beauty to the name, backing quietly out of a bar fight, a song of wholeness, surrendering the recoil reflex, dream letters,don’t forget the irrigation drip.

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Songs: “Slouching Towards Bremen” by Geoff Berner; “Jesus Said Mary Said” & “Escort Mission” by Art of Flying; “These Words Are Yours,” by Hazelwood Motel

2 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 180: Getting It to Code (or: Vacuum Language, with David Costanza)”

  1. Recently , had a inspiration from hendrix as I use to be a great guitar fan of his and prob played 2 to 4 hrs lead guitar a day when I first heard him and the piece I channeled either from himself or spirits / some great order was a rare piece called Ezy Rider. The guitar is open and abstract, very unique in its recording and opens but maybe not a memorable song but the guitar at the end opens out-widens and is very esoteric and original. The whole week was making me wonder that nobody plays this type of sound or is this way out like no turning back kind of melodies. The re are alot of Kerrang bands : thrash, metal , hungry riffs being supported by mean bassists feeling sexual . Also few days after (and I have another song but I,ll keep it to myself for a while) and I found you both not digressing that much..prob as much as moi but enjoyed the chat…that that that I was waiting for somebody to launch-have an American track with a male and female that represents Ezy Rider and I truly feel the music from David achieved this thought process which makes myself more twisted and confident with my own music projects if they develop because my DNA has upgraded slightly -although had a downside also similar to the film Lucy with Dolphin membrane (just wanted to say membrane ). Like about the tapes- the phrasing of the tapes -it gave it a little mystery – I,m not sure about the identity of the group itself as a band but has a very loose pleasant feel and the production was well structured and timeless ..maybe valves amps / analogue / . A cafe gig in upper state after a Woodstock Festival in the 70,s Is the feel x


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