The Liminalist # 181: Do We Really Need to Talk about Kevin? (Se7en Degrees of Kevin Spacey)

Group talk with Gib Strange, Chris Law, & Martin Jolly: on scapegoating, erasing Kevin Spacey, abuses in the entertainment industry, what can’t be concealed, the moral landscape, House of Cards and the normalization plan, the royal cup, connections to British establishment, a branch of organized crime, thinking back to Jimmy Savile, Australian PM addressing ritual abuse survivors, seven degrees of Kevin Spacey, Clint Eastwood the charismatic sociopath, using facts to erode the implants, John Lennon’s dark side, psychological damage and transcendental brilliance, the bargain with the devil, trying to gauge what people think,  the global village, Team Spacey and YouTube stats,  the Twittersphere, women with penises, algorithmic controls, face to face lies vs. the big faceless lie, what actors have in common with operatives, charismatic persuasion, being defined by Fight Club, entertainment informing ideology, creating avatars as survival strategy, reducing the risks of annihilation, running fantasy simulations, creating internal images, a composite of cool, hot dog remorse, the loss of heroes, defense & offense positions, a fork in the road, coping mechanisms for cognitive dissonance, how important is the illusion, the evolutionary advantage of lying, loving the man with no name, a culture of narcissism, celebrity worship & mutual possession, a symbiotic relationship, Hitler & the German psyche, appealing to the fanbase, walking the plank, a test of loyalty, separating illusion from reality, bred & fed on illusions, loving evil characters, Natural Born Killers, the Dexter device, fan fury at being fooled, blurring the line between reality & fantasy, shadow moral landscape, Polanski thrown to the kittens, swimming with sharks, how the spell works, entertainment & outrage, a psychic extraction process, complicity with triviality, opening into deeper spaces, the problem of meaning, The Night I Stubbed My Toe, psychic traps, exposure to extremes, weakening the structures of internal integrity, aggressive television & reality distortion, artificiality of newsreaders, layers of unreality, the golden age of television, entertainment as aids to dissociation, compelling narratives and ideological thrusts, sticky media, politicians with integrity, the legions of brainwashed, present shock, getting out the psychic trap, getting personal, talk of futility, a direct connection with meaning, out of band with Dave Oshana, dispersive cultural identification, the futility of the conceptual realm, the mind’s problem-reaction-solution, being in the flow, escaping mental space, a corner of culture that sucks less.

Songs: “Slouching Towards Bremen” by Geoff Berner; Snow in the Basin Part 2 by  SunWalker ; “PTSD Blues,” by Ex Luna; “Silver Wind” by The Upsidedown; “Hang Around the Water” by Art of Flying; “These Words Are Yours,” by Hazelwood Motel

8 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 181: Do We Really Need to Talk about Kevin? (Se7en Degrees of Kevin Spacey)”

  1. Scheduled for 5 Jan 2019, 11 am PST:
    The “I AM” Story: Collective Crucial Fictions, Audience Cults & Getting Back to True Community

    For the latest Liminalist Live Meet I will be looking at the illusion of individual identity as central to the hegemony of Monoculture or “State,” & how the rituals of tribal community life have been turned into the performance-based narratives of Hollywood, thereby reinforcing the idea of continuity, progress, individual status, and a goal-based existence. Roughly. This will be roughly one hour 20 mins live on YouTube before moving to a private space on Zoom. The event is currently by donation.

  2. Interesting Jasun’s examples of blatant anti-heroes vs. Chris’s more subtle versions, like Woody Allen and Larry David—characters who wouldn’t kill us in real life but would certainly be unpleasant to be around. There is this trend of Walter Whites and Dexters where the audience must be so disgruntled in their experience of a corrupt, unjust world that it’s enormously satisfying to live vicariously through someone who doesn’t give a fuck and does what they want out in the world. Then there’s this quieter, in a way more despicable, version of assholism where the audience watches a selfish person moving through the world without much concern for others—often to humorous effect.

    Last year I wrote a piece called “Comedians in Cars Being Sociopaths” where I tried to trace this growing trend. Like in the 90s Seinfield was basically a sitcom about 4 sociopaths incapable of loving but sort of humorously in love with the mundane and trivial. The next generation was Curb Your Enthusiasm which is the same sociopath but no longer in the artificial sitcom world—now more of a verite improv version, in other words set in a more real world. And the latest generation is the full on “reality show” version—Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee where you can actually watch the “real” Seinfield and the “real” Jim Carrey driving around making jokes about homeless people they see and expressing admiration for fascism. So it’s like, wow look he really is an asshole, isn’t that fun?

    Maybe things like the Spacey video are the next version of this trend.

  3. Did I miss you guys talking about it? Did you guys not realize that Kevin Spacey’s video was not meant for his fans? It was clearly a warning to someone. He was calling them out. Now he seems to be in hiding. Clearly trying to not get “suicided”. I hope he brings someone else down with him. Maybe the whole house of pedocracy will fall.

  4. It sounds like what you imply is that Kevin S. is way ahead of his time, sensing what has urr within reverberation on extreme success as representation: His physical nature is totally integrated with his craft, so what’s the point, Image tradition?

    How do we contrast the quantum of action with quantum of light?

    What is the craft of artificial intelligence in its truest sense within the constraint of current laws of physics?


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