The Liminalist # 184: TV Knows No Night (with Gib Strange)

Return conversation with Gib Strange, on True Detective season one, occult pedophiles, Eyes Wide Shut, True Detective season two, the world as bad guy, a face for evil, haunted houses, Killing the Messenger, an invisible octopus, All the President’s Men, the mechanics of melodrama, Hitchcock’s villains, the manipulations of media, Trump as traveling wrestler, Oliver stone & JFK, demonology without theology, God vs. the devil, guilty scapegoats, Randy Quaid, diffuse hatred, the big orange blob, Moon landing C-theory, Kurt Cobain & Courtney Love, Whitley Strieber’s voice, the need for discernment, the Ziegler test, an honest scoundrel, the biology of denial, evolution-Terminator, Satan as principle of Matter, Satanism & materialism, The House Jack Built, the will of matter, science & the apocalypse, why demons may be closer to God, denying the father, occultism & pessimism, a decision between Mars & extinction, True Detective’s nihilism, validating a perspective, the appeal of nihilism, finding meaning, post-nihilism self-help, staring at the abyss, projecting malevolence onto the unknown, In the Dust of the Planet, the Enlightenment as precursor to Gothic horror, Lovecraft’s terrifying vistas, the Hadron collider, TV knows no night, stories & fire, the divine spark, Promethean gift, the externalization of inner resources, community of fire, the primal fear of isolation, survival vs. socializing, grounding activities, an alternative 1%, settling into a natural order, the first boil.

Songs: “Slouching Towards Bremen” by Geoff Berner; “The Source” by Art of Empathy“; “World of Fear,” by Greg Houwer; “The Great Indoors,” by Dead Cinema.“These Words Are Yours,” by Hazelwood Motel

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  1. We were given the very fortunate, yet unfortunate, opportunity to meet and live with for a year a man who was quite unusual in that he was an empath. One of his “gifts” was the ability to see into the spirit world to see the demons and ghosts and such which inhabit it, and another gift was his ability to recognize other minds, and by other we do not mean human.

    He had a very interesting story to tell which ties in with your conversation about technology leading us to an apocalypse. It starts with the Tunguska blast in 1908, the shock wave of which went around the world twice, and he said it was Man, with a capital M, blasting a Tyrean ship which had landed there. He likened the Tyreans to a virus or cancer, and as a Leucocyte it the Body of God, Man destroyed it so the inhabitants couldn’t infect our world. Unknown to the Man, the Tyreans had already disembarked and left the area and it wasn’t until the bombs were dropped on Japan did they realize they made a mistake. So, Man went back in time to find a young boy who had just died, beaten over the head by a nun for misbehaving, whom they could bring back to life, educate, and aid him to help humanity get into the future through understanding. The problem was that the Tyreans were way advanced and we, as a species, were not mature enough to have the knowledge and technology and higher vantage point the Tyreans would give our leaders and scientists.

    In our personal reading we came across a statement by the Satanist Aleister Crowley who said “My god has landed.” This was in and around 1900. It was Louis Brandeis who was later to become a supreme court justice who said in 1910 that some great evil had come to the world. He felt it intuitively. This is also when we began to advance rather quickly technologically.

    Bab, the empath we mentioned above, was helping Man identify the Tyreans so Man could take them from the Earth. However, there were other minds of what we now call the Alien Mind, meaning they should be alien to us but we often accept them as our own, which were in the Earth, and which Richard Shaver, another empath, called Deros, or degenerated robots, who had been affecting humanity since the last generation. Apparently we are the fourth generation. The Alien Mind is a previous generation of humanity who refused to evolve and God was to cast them back to start over again. However, being rebellious they caused us, the up and coming humanity, the fourth generation, to mix our seed with that of the lower species causing a confusion in our Speciel Mind and in this confusion the Alien Mind could hide and God could not cast them back unless He cast back our generation as well. God saw that many of our generation would evolve, so He decided to let us, the new humanity, the Wheat, mature alongside the Alien Mind, the Tares, and at the end of our generation, the Time of Harvest, He would pull out the Tares and burn them. This is the understanding of the Parable of which JeSus spoke. Even the Book of Revelation speaks to this, of removing Satan for 1000 years so humanity has a chance to evolve to our Destination in Time. Bab was here to help us remove them, but his last words were that there was still one left.
    So most of humanity had what he saw as a veil covering their minds which was God’s blessing and protection from the worst of the Alien Mind, but this can be lost from the sins of the fathers and then the children are more open to the telepathic communications of the Alien Mind. This may indicate the psychopaths or sociopaths we find in our society. We think the wedding veil may have been an understanding of this which we lost over time. Now they have discovered how to dissimulate the mind and block our communication with God, our conscience, so those of the Alien Mind can influence humanity to do and say things they wouldn’t ordinarily say or do. Rudolph Steiner predicted this over 100 years ago, called it our move from spirituality into materiality. This is what water fluoridation is all about.
    This is what “secret” societies know as they try to tap into this Alien Mind to gain its guidance. Jack Anderson wrote about the psychic warriors being created by the Pentagon, and we must think they use drugs and invite these dark spirits to gain their powers. Of course, there are natural empaths and we have known two, and of several others, but these were good men and healers. One owned a ice cream store, but don’t know much about him, though long gone now.

    So, evil is real, Man/God is real, demons are real, and though there is a lot we don’t understand, we do know we won’t get into the future unless we turn to God/Man and gain His guidance. This was the Perfect Pattern which was JeSus as He always followed the Will of Our Father in Heaven. We, as humanity, just don’t have the vantage point to know what to do and when.

  2. Great podcast! I really enjoy when you can Gib get together. Some deep thoughts, and some good laughs. Of course I have to comment because you mentioned me in the podcast. I wanted to be clear that I’m not a believer in demons. Maybe Jinn, maybe extradimensional entities that feed on our souls, maybe even some split off piece of our mind that likes to torture us. But Demons in the Christian sense…..hard to swallow. Same as believing in the Christian God. Difficult. Same as believing in Satan. But in your and Gib’s discussion I enjoyed where you took it. So many different tangents! That line about lying to yourself as an evolutionary advantage was brilliant. I think it was a deep discussion too. Nihilism is a tricky subject these days. I had a brief foray into Nihilism in my early years. I overcame it quickly. I must say though that I think people get confused with nihilism and existentialism. I find myself to be mostly an existentialist these days. Its not that I don’t think the world has meaning, its that I think we give it meaning. It too is a tricky path though to follow. Its a skinny ridge with Nihilsm off one side, and solipsism off the other. Both equally dangerous. We can probably never really know what reality is, for sure. But we can take part in creating a world here on earth that is good and righteous, just, and full of love. Happiness is a state of mind, and a mind devoted to caring and building is seldom unhappy. For this to work, we all have to get along. I know so many people are against socialism, but how can we all live on this planet without working together? Doesn’t mean the government has to run things. We can just all realize HEAVEN is here, now, all around us if we just realize we all have the same needs and wants. Hippy pot smoking bunch of stuff I know, but honestly, its true. The hard part is agreeing on what we are free to do, and what to do with the folks who can’t seem to get along. And it all goes back to the fire. That revelation you made Jasun about fire and storytelling was spot on. Its the proof that we humans are the weavers of this myth I think. We CAN write this story. Fire was the first technology that brought us together, and constantly tears us apart. Fire is all around us in this universe. We have yet to wield it with any finesse. Fire took us head long into all the technology that followed, right up to where Artifical Intelligence and robots may soon steal our very existence. Its easy to see evil lurking behind the fire. It compels us at times. But we write the story. We have to come to the realization that technology is the driver. It shapes and molds us. We don’t and cant control it. Our culture is exactly the way it is today because of technology. And it will destroy us. There is no doubt about that in my mind. It has been told countless times. How many civilizations have come and gone that were destroyed by technology? Seeing our civilizations demise approaching can bring one to Nihilism. You just can’t forget we are the storytellers. How do we want this story to end? Does our fire have to go out? One of the things that I DO believe in is REASON. I don’t belong to the church of Scientism, but I think that Reason is all that keeps out the Old Ones. By that I mean Chaos. Disorder. Madness. All we have is the power to think, reason, and discuss. These tools bring us together. I have seen how thin the veil is between chaos and order. Sanity and madness. We should be doing everything in our power to spread reason. To promote shining light into dark places. To question the sanity of our leaders. Regardless of what you think of as demons, or evil, there are very real things we can all do to limit that power of irrationality, because if you have ever peaked behind that veil, you will know exactly what we have to be in fear of. Thanks for sharing your conversations.

      • I hope all the elite go to Mars. As I told Elon, “don’t let the spaceship door hit you in the ass on the way out”! It boggles the mind how a man as intelligent as Elon Musk can carry such a ridiculous and naive dream. His interview on Joe Rogan really proved how well the infantilization of our society has worked. Right up the chain. We don’t have enough cheap energy left on earth to ever build an off world colony. What happens on earth stays on Earth. And if there are aliens, that will make sure of that.

  3. Enjoying these open ended conversational dérives between you two.Balanced chemistry throughout.
    I assume you already know about “Daskalos” the greek mystic healer from Cyrus but if not he is worth checking out since the major part of his work deals with ”demons” or elemental thought forms.
    Choice cuts-
    “Humans are afraid of demons because they are invisible. Had they not been so, men would have exploited them like other animals.”
    ”Many psychotherapists believe that in order for a patient to recover he must relive certain emotions and events, venting memories and frustrations that have been plaguing the personality. In this process of “letting the steam out” more often then not the elementals surrounding a memory, rather then being weakened, are revitalized by the attention with which they are served.”
    ”The majority of the elementals we house are intelligent and demanding. They can force the personality to act in a cer­tain manner which creates the conditions for the elemental to be satisfied and renewed.”
    ” When one elemental is driven out a vacuum remains which can be occupied by a new elemental of any nature. It is vital, therefore, to fill such voids with elementals that serve a constructive purpose within the personality.”
    Daskalos on how an Elemental is Created-
    From the researchers of truth website-


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