The Liminalist # 186: Atmospheric Fish (or, The Fragility of Paranormal Podcasters, with Louis Proud)

Return conversation with Louis Proud, on quitting writing, Forteana, spontaneous human combustion, life on the fringe, writing fiction, childhood factors, not-quite-neurotypical, Archie comics, early psychic experiences, opening up to contact, sleep paralysis, poltergeists & libido, Carrie, sorcery & allies, Freud, recurrent spontaneous psychokinesis, Dean Radin, Jeffrey Kripal, losing interest in the mysteries, magic & A.I., transhumanism & occultism, Rushkoff & Crowley, Mitch Horowitz & Satanism, True detective, Hereditary, Skinwalker ranch, the UFO-BS, Peter Levenda & the manipulation of narratives, The Necronomicon, sinister forces, Lovecraft, serial killers, the dark side of the psyche, Son of Sam killings, an interest in psychology, anxiety & depression, single men, the Jordan Peterson way, the absent father, cognitive behavioral therapy, electromagnetic pollution, body trauma, the word “depression,” coping mechanism may not be your friends, body memory & freeing up the energy of denial, the possibility of healing, the fragility of paranormal podcasters, forced inauthenticity in interviews, Prisoner of infinity, the question of religion, Buddhism, the Jinn, a vast mythology, trickster entities, other worlds, higher and lower orders of the paranormal, Ufology & demonology, Uri Geller, the danger of the paranormal, what really matters, the Earth connection, living plasma, atmospheric fish, the Christian perspective,  a canary in the coal mine.

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Songs: “Slouching Towards Bremen” by Geoff Berner; ”  “Farewell Transmission” & “Old Black Hen” by Songs: Ohia;  “These Words Are Yours,” by Hazelwood Motel

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7 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 186: Atmospheric Fish (or, The Fragility of Paranormal Podcasters, with Louis Proud)”

  1. To be fair, spontaneous human combustion is fascinating.
    I wonder if any of the ladies will take offense to the “men having it worse” part ?
    Also, would C.S. Lewis be a “switched-on Christian” ?

    Very relaxing chat. Liked the music too.

  2. “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!”

    “Serious UFO researchers” I love it! I know no one wants to name names, but if someone were to send me a link to an example of the fragile paranormal podcaster behavior Louis was talking about, it would be great research for me.

    Way back in the day Uri Geller was on Coast to Coast and he spent the bulk of the interview bragging about how rich and famous he is and how many celebrity friends he has. He always refers to himself in third person, and he pronounces his name “Eewrie Geller!” I think he thinks if he just says his full name often enough with enough enthusiasm he will be famous again? He’s super defensive about his alleged supernatural abilities, even when no one’s questioning them. Also he claimed that since he stopped bending spoons and disappeared form the public eye he has been making a very healthy living as a scryer for major oil companies.

    Anyway, I tried to call in. I can do a pretty good Uri Geller impression and my plan was to do his voice and not to challenge him about his abilities at all, to take the reality of his powers for granted, but then to call him out on his ethically questionable gig as oil scryer. And also to say his name as many times as I could—

    “I want to know how does Eewrie Geller sleep at night? How does Eewrie Geller defend contributing to the destruction of our beautiful planet by oil corporations?! Eewrie Geller should be using Eewrie Geller’s amazing powers for good! Eewrie Geller should be saving the planet, not destroying it! Eewrie Geller does not care about Eewrie Geller’s Mother Earth! Eewrie Geller says ‘Over here, boys!’ and then Eewrie Geller holds her down while corporations rape her!!! Future survivors on this planet will remember Eewrie Geller’s name—which is ‘Eewrie Geller’—with horror!!!”

    Etc, etc, I was just hoping to keep saying his name until they cut the line. But alas, I didn’t get past the screener.

    Great chat—thanks Louis and Jasun!

    • another classic encounter prevented by the gatekeepers

      my mother met Ewrie in Hampstead a couple of times, thought he was “lovely.” :/

      Did h turn on the sociopathic charisma?

      One of the podcasts Louis mentioned recently had George P Hansen on it; it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out which one, as (unlike most of these guys) Hansen doesnt do many appearances.

    • Oh my word Gib, please record that as EEwrie! At least, save me the trouble of voice cloning him. Purely for my own amusement of course.

      Tangentially, we all need to be buckling up for the inevitable chaos that voice cloning is going to cause. Check it out at – tbh I think it’s already here. Anyone with a few hours of their recorded voice out there is vulnerable. Cue recordings of Jasun advocating transhumanism etc…

  3. Fascinating topics. Getting published… what sells? Not fiction. Interested in spontaneous combustion. “Science” claims to know how it occurs and to me it makes sense. Men. In the USA 40,000 middle aged men commit suicide every year. Life’s harder for men who grew up believing that they can be Superman. Heart breaking. ps. Why do they always want to shake the bottom of the bed? I hate that. But they leave when I tell them to go. Same with sleep paralysis.
    Thank you men.

  4. In line with Kripal and the adoption of the occult as a topic of serious academic discourse (and maybe by this one can advance the thesis that the occult has become so prevalent as to become “invisible” in the culture–one thinks of Harry Potter too), one can cite the 2012 Oxford University Press publication _Aleister Crowley and Western Esotericism_. Here’s a sampling of some article titles from the contents:

    2. The Sorcerer and His Apprentice: Aleister Crowley and the Magical Exploration of Edwardian Subjectivity by Alex Owen
    4. Envisioning the Birth of a New Aeon: Dispensationalism and Millenarianism in the Thelemic Tradition by Hernrik Bogdan
    15. Satan and the Beast: The Influence of Aleister Crowley on Modern Satanism by Asbjorn Dyrendal

    You get the idea. BTW, an earlier guest on the podcast, George Hansen, got into a dispute with Dean Radin’s experimental methodology some time ago. I recall it being very technical meaning one needed to have a grasp of statistics.


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