The Liminalist # 187: How the 1% Controls the 99% (with John Potash)

Conversation with John Potash, on drugs as weapons against us, The Brotherhood of Eternal Love, Mellon Hitchcock, drugs & musicians, CIA profiling Kurt Cobain, Jim Hendrix’s MI6 manager Michael Jeffrey, Mick Jagger’s first hit of acid, Abby Hoffman & activism, dosing the Yippies, LSD as tool for manipulation, John Lennon, acid & anxiety, marijuana as weapon, roach-spray & weed, access to your brain, drugs & loss of reality, activism as grounding, Huey Newton, Tupac’s mother, Dave McGowan & Laurel Canyon, manufactured musicians, Lookout mountain film studio, Courtney Love’s childhood counseling & psycho-hypnotic drugs, MKULTRA, CIA assassins, Leonard Cohen & Ewan Cameron, Love & the Asian mafia, delivering LSD to the music crowd in UK, dosing the Beatles, Kevin O’Leary, Hole, Courtney & Kurt, Killing Cobain, Cobain’s anarchism, heroin & suicide promotion, a staged suicide, the 27 death cult, Saturn return, mimesis & the creation of cultural role models, how 1% controls 99%, Cohen’s secret confessions, Nick Cave, the hidden ideology in rock songs, Elvis & Colonel Tom Parker.

John Potash’s site.

Songs: “Slouching Towards Bremen” by Geoff Berner; ” “Pepper Spray” by The UpsideDown; “Running Eiskrokodil” by Lobo Loco; “These Words Are Yours,” by Hazelwood Motel

9 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 187: How the 1% Controls the 99% (with John Potash)”

  1. Interesting podcast, Jasun. It supports all DD has told us about dissimulating the mind by drugs, even marijuana as we have seen, but we didn’t see the extent until now. Opening the mind up to what we call the Alien Mind has given many information which we as humanity are not ready for. Francis Crick and Kary Mullis were high on LSD when they received information on DNA and how to transfer genes from one species to another, respectively. Funny that they both won Nobel prizes for such. The Alien Mind is way more advanced than humanity, and where we find ourselves separate, they work together by mind way in advance. That is why they have the upper hand on us presently. The use of drugs coupled with the use of the insidious thought projection devices will destroy humanity. Finding out that even glyphosate accelerates this process and it is ubiquitous in our nation. It chelates minerals and moves them to the Pineal more quickly.

    Sometimes I think the whole Zombie idea isn’t too far from the truth.

  2. my friend that smokes weed is fond of saying “Live Through This by Hole is the best Nirvana album” .. and now I know what he means.

    really nice (if slight) change of pace this week. thanks guys.

  3. Great podcast, excellent guest! Immediately went and watched his documentary. I’m left now realizing they don’t need drugs to control us anymore. They use smart phones and social media. They’ve got this entire generation pacified and stupefied. They seem to have won. Soon perception management will become the literal placing of perception into us. Nothing left to manage.

    • It may prove to be the case that environmental limits ultimately destroy this control system. Its operation is extremely resource intensive and heavily impinges on the functioning of the natural world. The precipitous drops in insect populations globally would suggest that something is being strongly undermined that cannot be sustained.

      • You nailed it. Environmental collapse is happening now and it’s going to take every human down. No matter how rich or powerful, the future is bleak for everyone. These end times that we live in will just become more insane as the days and months pass. Already, hardly anyone I know is thinking clearly or rationally anymore. All that’s honestly left is to pray the simulation ends abruptly or that some Divine entity or Alien emerges to correct everything. But I’m not holding my breath. The very last thing that may happen though would be humans waking the fuck up and taking control of their destiny and finally building a just, peaceful, harmonious world…

        • Lincoln, guess I’m going to stick my neck out a bit to tell you that we can get help from above, and that really was JeSus’ message. He always followed the Will of His Father in Heaven. What did He mean by this and how was He gaining God’s will? My mentor walked the same path as JeSus, and always followed the will of God as best he could and through him was given what we can only call the Mystery of God. The knowledge and understanding came to Him through his mind empathetically and it started after WWII while recuperating from shell shock, he had been a ranger fighting on DDay, and he asked the question, why do we bathe in the blood of our own species? This is when a Presence began to speak to him in his mind to teach and guide him.

          The problem is we, for the most part, have failed to turn to God. We know from experience He is real and He will help us as according to God’s will, but we have to turn to Him before all else and knock, ask and seek, and then to listen. He has many ways of reaching us: dreams, intuitions, “knowings”, and the still, small voice. He works through the conscience, which is our Speciel Mind’s counseling of us and our connection to God. They, the traitor maggots, are doing everything they can to cut us off from our conscience through drugs, both prescribed and of abuse, fluoridation of the water, through glyphosate in the food and water supply, and by using their insidious thought projection devices to cause people, especially the men, to commit a sin, so that their heirs will not have God’s blessing and will be more subject to what we call the Alien Mind. We read recently an article by Paul Levy in which he calls it Wetiko. Even vaccines can sever us from our conscience. Rudolph Steiner predicted this over 100 years ago, said they would make a vaccine which would sever us from our spirituality and take us into materiality. Without God’s guidance, we just won’t get into the future, as you have so painted.

          Our mentor used the Identification of Delamer Duverus, loosely translated to mean, “from the sea or giver of truth” as His name for God’s messenger, and His latest guidance was for everyone to get to growing gardens. He has written many churches to urge their people to do the same.

          The other day I started singing a song from my past which was only coming up in bits and pieces until I had sung a few bars, and then realized it was a song we sang in elementary school. “The more we get together, together, together, the more we get together, the happier we’ll be.” DD pulled it out of my memory somewhere deep in my brain in His often funny way of doing things.

  4. I had several quibbles with a couple things here and there. I’ve had good experience with lsd, but I approached it as what it is, a tool for self exploration. Most of these things can be helpful in certain settings an for specific purposes. I found myself very much in agreement about cannabis. It helps my wife immeasurably deal with excess energy, menstrual cramps and symptoms of menopause creeping in. For me, it’s never done anything but make me anxious and sleepy.
    People would do well to bone up on the literature about the original purpose of any synthetic, non plant based drug such as lsd. As Terence McKenna often urged. “Weigh the dose and know where it came from.” Neither of which most acid dabblers ‘t trouble themselves much with. I like to consider myself a psychonaut, but I certainly don’t urge anyone to just play around with this stuff. Cannabis can give many people very serious de-motivation, which Mr Potash quite rightly points out. And as those of us who remember the Periquat scare know- ‘Unless you or your friend grew it, who knows what’s in it?!”


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