The Liminalist 190.5: A Life Fraught with Implications (with Heather Tracy)

Part two of a two part conversation with Heather Tracy, on the path of transgression, false individuation, explaining necrophilia, Vice of Kings, Fabian gradualism & pedophile grooming methods, the virus & the host, a wolf among sheep, how the predators mind replicates itself, Castaneda’s flyers, life in a predatory universe, distorting a neutral energy, light & darkness, the absence of love, the appeal and danger of neutrality, infant & parent interface, the cold & ruthless sorcerer’s perspective, the relief of detachment, a revelation of the life force, the mind’s apocalypse, a healing trauma, an experience of the dark, the abuser’s accidental gift, Crowley’s aspiration, the other side of trauma, a desert of trauma effects, adult & child magical overlaps, seeking confirmation of organized abuse, a spectrum of abuse-complicity, a life fraught with implications, proximity to transgressive circles, Sebastian Horsley, celebrity, crime, and levels of access, the co-existence of kindness & cruelty, the two-faced archetype, possessed by an ideology of trauma, extra data points from heather’s life, a secret occult life?, Ed Kemper & occult killings, MKULTRA ties, parallels with Ann Diamond’s material, the risk of airing this podcast.

Heather’s site:

Songs: “Knob Wobbler,” by Gib Strange; “Boundary County” by Eilen Jewell; “Terrible News” by Little Teeth; “These Words Are Yours,” by Hazelwood Motel

11 thoughts on “The Liminalist 190.5: A Life Fraught with Implications (with Heather Tracy)”

  1. I believe a lot of potency is lost when you show appreciation to someone online. But, I can’t express enough thanks to you Heather for doing these interviews.

    While my history has vast differences, you’re story still shows eerie similarties to what I experienced.

    Your interview helps people like me who still, after years still has trouble grasping what really happened.

    Jasun, again, you’re one of the few people who provides an open platform for survivors,

    • Those eerie similarities. Your willingness to discuss your own history is much appreciated…if nothing else, we can begin identifying patterns – that helps me, too.

      Will I ever grasp what happened? Maybe not. But having an opportunity to examine it more closely is a step in the right direction.

      And yes, I can’t imagine anywhere else to examine it in context than right here.

      • You reply about identifying patterns is exactly right. Maybe at this point for a lot of us, its one of the most important things.

        Much agreed, Jasun has done more than many to bring a platform for people who have experienced what we have.

  2. After listening to you speak about your experiences I realize that when I spoke of mine on this very same platform, I had adopted the old habit of remaining on the surface of my narrative much like skipping stones across the pond of life. I of course never really had a life because my mind had splintered into many fragments making it difficult to convey to anyone who might listen. After my interview I was visited one night by three spirit beings not unlike the three hag of Mac Beth. I suppose they believed their visit would serve as a warning to me to shut my effing mouth.
    But you, dear lady are very brave. Thank you for being so generous.

    • jnia – if you hadn’t been courageous enough to speak here, I wouldn’t have, either.

      Yes, fragmentation is rough: attempting to wrest coherence from the simultaneous and conflicting responses within is super challenging.

      Locating events in a chronology is especially difficult for me – it’s as though each traumatic memory is housed in a frame of timelessness, existing outside the barriers of ‘normal’ existence. I’m sure I made some ‘timeslips’ during this discussion.

      Although I haven’t been visited by any entities so far, I definitely feel the stirrings of deep agitation within…the injunction to remain silent is very powerful. It’s those who dare, like you, that give me the most hope.

      • Goodness. You are so gracious. I’m glad I did it for the reason of hopefully helping others to speak out. There is power in the words we speak out. We can’t ever take them back and I’m comforted by this realization. I agree too that time slips are more common than we realize, but then we probably don’t realize many of them.
        I am so impressed with your candor and depth of understanding.
        Kindest of regards, J’nia

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