The Liminalist # 199: Geopolitics & Metaphysics (with Recluse of VISUP)

Return conversation with Recluse of VISUP.

Part One: Left & Right Wings of Geopolitics (0 – 36 mins) The Fabian Society, elites civil war in UK & US, le Cercle, Prisoner of Infinity, two formative experiences, a meeting with the king, dissociation and disembodiment, the question who am I, Chris Knowles, a murky background, an early introduction to conspiracy, an interest in extreme cultures, horror movie immersion, the rise of death metal, cultural priming & the occult, Norwegian black metal, the difference between left & right, a Morgan-Rockefeller dispute, a distortion of liberalism, wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Part Two: How Trump Came to Power (36 – 1:09 mins) Progressive politics & sexual liberation, different occult circles, Julius Evola, the New Right in France, Notre Dam & the Matriarchy, warring elite, political theater, a metagroup, struggle between nations, an experimental aspect of geopolitics, Dugin & Evola, Russian traditionalism, an open-ended project to understand the elite, letting the facts speak, the conspiracy trough, an open approach, Alex Jones’ ideology, a controlled opposition, conspiracy & Trump, JSOC, Delta Forces, Michael Flynn, Keith Kellogg, impeaching Trump, Trump’s revenge-motive, a protégé of Roy Cohn, a mob president. 

Part Three: A Network of Honey Traps (1:09 – 1 hr 41 mins) Going after organized pedophile rings, Thomas Corbally in Hollywood, after Jimmy Savile died, when the institutions tremble, complicity with conspiracy, the Profumo scandal, the Stephen Ward ring, Lord Mountbatten, the Astor family, Corbally, JFK in UK sex ring, Savile-Kray twins honey trap, Kincora boys home, Colin Wallace, the IRD, Edward Heath, Brian Crozier, David Owen, the Social Democrat Party, Roy Jenkins’ progressivism, Blair’s New Labor, CND & ASC, the Coalition for Peace & Security, Scallywag, Edward Leigh, Lord Chalfont, a Satanic pedophile.

Part Four: A Process of Self-Discovery (1 hr 41 mins to end) Crowley’s blackmail sex parties, intelligence and occultism, how far back does it go, the Praetorian Guard, the cornerstone of global intelligence, a sympathy for the occult, Opus Dei & Knights of Malta & pedophile rings, a metaphysical element, a spiritual war, Crowley vs. Evola, the metaphysics of the whip, Crowley’s homosexual sex magick, traumagenesis, the thin end of the transhumanist wedge, psychopathic gurus, teaching through research, growth through human relationship, providing a public service, a process of self-discovery, attracting collaborators, moving into the personal, the pressure of keeping silence.

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Songs: “Knob Wobbler,” by Gib Strange; “Promenade” & “Look Out” by My Jacket is Yours; “Paloma” by The Upsidedown; “These Words” by Hazelwood Motel.

8 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 199: Geopolitics & Metaphysics (with Recluse of VISUP)”

  1. I’m currently plodding my way through the dense but informative ‘Rogue Agents’ by David Teacher – one of the main texts on ‘Le Cercle’ – which has so far kept me from reading Vice of Kings due to its density. Cheers to Mr. Recluse for his efforts, which were previously unknown to me.

  2. Sometimes its very much needed to ask the right questions on a complex, difficult subject. Which you definitely did Jasun.

    On that note, the guest did very well in navigating and answering them

  3. Fantastic conversation. I was wondering when Recluse would be back on.

    However, I was surprised by your claim that “most” conspiracy researchers are also into occultism. I agree with Recluse that most people in the conspiracy field (at least in the Anglosphere) view occultism from a stereotypical Christian perspective (even if they’re not Christians themselves.) “The elites are using weird occult symbols and rituals to brainwash the masses!”

    And on the other hand, I don’t see many practicing magicians that are also seriously into conspiracy research. John Michael Greer even dismisses “mundane” conspiracies like John Taylor Gatto’s history of American education.

    I’m assuming you have Gordon White in mind, but I see him as an anomaly rather than the norm. During his first appearance on Skeptiko, he and Alex commiserated over the fact that conspiracy research is the least popular topic among their respective audiences (in terms of views, shares, downloads, etc.) Alex’s audience is more interested in consciousness research, and Gordon’s audience is more interested in practical magic.

    If there was such a huge overlap between conspiracy research and occultism, as you claim, I would expect there to be at least one book publisher that caters to such an audience. Do you know of any? I don’t.

    (And no, I’m not a practicing magician myself. Most of what I know about these topics comes from reading the academic texts. My interest is more from a historical/philosophical/sociocultural perspective.)

    • Long time no hear, IJ.

      I probably did state it too strongly, I was thinking of White, Levenda, Occulture, Skeptiko, AeonByte, Higherside Chats (if we include new agey stuff & gnosticism), not all as practicing occultists but as generally non-skeptical about it & favorable towards. I would agree that conspiracy research is more marginalized than just about all the other fringes, not counting the giants Icke & Jones at least, who seem to have cornered the market.

    • …which I mention because you both asked ‘where does this crossover between occultism and intelligence work go back to?.

      Also it seems the crusaders and Muslims had a fair deal of cross fertilization between mystic minded on either side.

  4. Julius Evola. Ev-oh-lah. Seeing as VISUP featured a photo of Oswald Spengler captioned as Evola, I’m not too surprised at the pronunciation difficulties. If you have Charles Upton back on, he would certainly be one to talk to about Evola if you are so inclined.

    Thanks for bring so much of the conversation to the personal.

  5. Agree that Visup is dispassionate and meticulous without offering a narrative.Bravo.
    Its not easy to assemble this amount of data and remain impartial. Visup is an expert on the cartography of the global far right, no question.
    Fascinating stuff about the transition of power between JSOC and the CIA, Harlots Ghost will be wailing and gnashing its teeth.

    As Caitlin Johnstone says, dont hold your breath waiting for the Swamp to drain itself !

    Ganis also thinks Kennedy assassination was in part due to his sexual entrapment. Story goes the Nazi Otto Skorzeny assassination network was deployed for the hit.
    Fascinating to hear you talk about the various Christian esoteric orders, makes sense that elements of the Church that would want to manipulate the collective psyche, the only possible realm of the Occult. True that the esoteric is about the individual, the exoteric about the collective.

    I have learned a lot from Visup, great work he is doing, cant wait for the book. Put a paypal on your blog mate. Part of me thinks he might be unconsciously trying to map his mysterious old man.


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