The Liminalist # 20: The Yes Behind the No’s (with Phil Synder)


A behind-the-scenes chat with ex-Great American Psychopath, Phil Snyder, on a non-dimensional line, the well-being of the body, straying from the line, running to the future, a baseline of anxiety, being hacked by negativity, the idea of being invaded, releasing tension, reacting to the bullshit and matching the bullshit, leaving comfort zones, acclimatizing to stress, recreational torture, re-traumatization and dissociation, getting blissed out on dopamine, organic initiation via the physical environment vs. spiritual body-building, the psychedelic and occult paths, voluntary self-derangement (VSD), the G.A.P. and the One, Jasun’s “piss on everything phase,” the trap of the fantasy self, the purpose of debunking, the middle path, back to the line, resting in the not-needing to do, chasing the next idea, Buddha at the Bodhi tree, the yes behind all the no’s, empty and full nihilism, the guru trap, the dilemma of affirming the unnameable, positive nihilism, committing to the real, open-minded skepticism, eyes wide open all the time, triggering people’s traumas, Jasun’s new fundamentalism, changing energy levels in the dialogue, regular conversation vs. podcast, talking to James Howard Kunstler, the ups and downs of conversation, letting “the thing” speak, finding the middle ground, the liminal space, anxiety about speaking, the primal dangers of speech, Phil’s artless art of babbling.

Phil discusses the Great American Psychopath on “Stormy Weather.

Songs: “El Mariachi” and “Monkey Said” by The Freak Fandango Orchestra; “Out on the Barge,'” by Al Duvall; “Bored,” by Purple Duck; “My Blue Sea,” by Andy Wagner.

8 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 20: The Yes Behind the No’s (with Phil Synder)”

  1. hahaha! so we have a big old male cat, the bouche, who is a friendly guy who loves his food and his people. For most of his life he had to guard both against his half brother, Duke, who lived down the lane at bouche’s old place, where he went every 10am for brunch and a bruisin’. Bouche was always bullying Duke, who was a sweetie but a bit over half of bouchie’s 17 pounds. As a result, Duke was pretty scarce whenever bouch was around (Duke has since moved house).

    A few years ago, i came out my front door to see Duke standing on the parking pad, staring up at the hillside. He had that look – the look you see on Our Hero’s face at the moment he realizes It’s All True – all those nutty conspiracy theories, all that corruption at the top, all of it. We never went to the moon, the mob shot JFK, there’s rat hair in your Wheaties!!! I was startled to see this state of existential experience on anyone’s face, much less that of a small orange and white cat.

    Of course i wondered what could sparking this state of mesmerization –

    I followed his gaze up the hill, to see the bouche, taking a dump, with a look of exasperation/irritation on his face.

    Not exactly enchanting, but memorable. But then, i’m known for my non sequitors 😉 Happy day and give my best to the bean!!

  2. Jasun – just wanted to say how much i’m enjoying your podcasts, your style of conversation
    and informal and straight up honest musings on what I consider to be extremely interesting matters. I’m a new listener, and somehow haven’t come across you before.

    And mrs. eccentric – that really is an excellent anecdote 🙂

    • Thanks for taking the time to say so. I see we are fellow residents of soundcloud. Is that how you found me (or “me”)?

        • Jasun – I’ve remembered how I found you!
          I always keep up with Adam Gorightly’s stuff, so that was it.
          After my own conspira-tainment-media romp that lasted from about 2007 till a couple of years ago [- in the end there was hardly any of it that I could still listen to], Gorightly was one of the very few who made it through to where I am now . . and let’s face it – you can’t go wrong if you Gorightly. Did you hear Peter Levenda’s 10 part series with Dave Emory? it’s toward the bottom. I like all his stuff.

          • Wow, KA thanks for the Dave Emory links! i listened to his programs back in the 1980’s on radio. haha, my sister and i lived right at the edge of the signal – we’d have to lay down in a certain pattern and hold onto the radio antennae so we could get the program. I’d always fall asleep but we’d record it on cassette.

            Now i know what i’ll be listening to all day today 🙂

    • Kieran-Alexis, you are too kind. We are lucky to be able to make friends with the critters around us! Enjoying your music – happy day!


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