The Liminalist # 201: The Tension of Love (with Alejandro Martínez Gallardo)

Return conversation with Alejandro Martínez Gallardo exploring the paradox of transcendence & immanence and how the body is an image of the divine, in contrast to the counterfeit technological, transhumanist-nihilist-materialist and occultist postmodern philosophies.

Part One: The Signal of the Soul (0 – 31 mins)

Douglas Rushkoff, Erik Davis, psychedelics, Philip K. Dick, Silicon Valley, Burning Man, & transhumanism, (4:30 edit “alex”) reprogramming the body, drugs & religion, unearned knowledge, nothing but nature, the body connection to the eternal, the question of essence, transhumanism-nihilism, the image of God, the world as sacrifice, the immanent & the transcendent, experiential religion, body symptoms as soul manifests, chronic fatigue, processing infinity, original trauma, the signal of the soul, immersion in occultism, hacking the psyche, cleaning the mirror, being as rhythm, divine song.

Part Two: The Paradox of the Incarnation (31 mins – 1 hr 02 mins)

The birds and the bees, interacting with the environment, art-as-self-expression, a lost sense of beauty, light, order, & integrity, the mind, heart, & the body, Jeffrey Kripal & a materialist view of the soul, conceiving of the transcendental, soul as breath, talking & breathing, the mind thinking about mind, pure awareness, Dave Oshana, what enlightenment might be, the logos & the vesica piscis, pure sensations without labels, a thoughtless self, a world of becoming, the difference between contradiction and paradox, to save the appearance of the world, knowing God without dissolving into the One.

Part Three: A Historical Process of Transhumanism (1 hr 02 – 1 hr 32 mins)

Post-gender, mind-based duality of language, union of the sexes, the tension of love, avoiding the fundamental problem, entertainment as meaning, a hedonistic ethic, how the mind came into being, the collective mind, body & soul union, the matrix of culture, social media & disconnection, non-mediated relationship, creating hybrid beings, the medium & the message, the world-as-objects, objectifying ourselves, the Trinity, the dance of relations, a state of endlessness, learning to die, having all we need, the question of consciousness, passing for human, formative trauma stories, what goes into the body, when science turned Nature into a corpse, circumcision, dissociation.

Part Four: The Divine Thought (1 hr 32 mins to end)

Mind-based systems of knowledge, Carlos Castaneda & the secrets of sorcery, consciousness-as-soul, poetry & rhythm, the deepest thoughts, eliminating trauma, letting off gases, karmic imprints, Dave Oshana & enlightenment part two, getting to the counterfeit, the traps of the systems of power, nihilism and the pursuit of power, becoming contemplatives, an ideological war engine, confusing freedom with power, service and choosing the good. (Alejandro’s site)

Songs: “Knob Wobbler,” by Gib Strange; “Rancho Electronico” and “Ama de Casa un Poco Triste,” by Heavy Nopal; “Estrella Polar” by Pablo Robledo; “These Words” by Hazelwood Motel.

3 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 201: The Tension of Love (with Alejandro Martínez Gallardo)”

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed this conversation. Thank you. A few thoughts. The body, soul and spirit together constitute the “image” of God. This sets us apart from all other created beings, so we are special. We are unique as created beings. All the Earth displays the glory ‘beauty’ of God. He loves. So we love. He creates so we create. He speaks, so we speak.
    Getting back to the spirit, people who follow Christ, His ways, and not merely religious folk, have something very different than anyone else. We have two spirits, the one we were born with and the Holy spirit. The work of the Holy Spirit is to lead us into all truth. Living like this is incredible. We often can walk in to a crowded room and KNOW who is filled with His Spirit. And when we pray for someone His Spirit reveals things about the person’s life that we need to know in order to pray effectively.
    So why does He do this? Why is it important? It seems he chooses to partner with us. We are His hands and His feet. He can do everything without us but chooses rather to work together with us. He’s a personal God.


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