The Liminalist # 213: Healing the Libido (with Martin Jolly)

Return conversation with Martin Jolly, on the mind, body, life force, and libido and bringing all the levels into healing alignment.

Part One: Continuity of Being (0 – 27 mins)

Fixed idea of enlightenment, talking to and about the ancestors, ancestral approval, conceptual vs. experiential, energy bodies, energy healing, unrooted experiences of energy, Dave’s checking method, a fluid correspondence, squid-prodding, stimming the false identity, spiritual complacency, hitting a nail, false identity’s experience, discontinuity of the mind, an absence of friction, listening in to bodies, Dave’s emptiness, an opportunity to let go.

Part Two: A Snake Chasing its Tail (27 – 55 mins)

An experience on a park bench, when thoughts go retrograde, problems in the body, sitting with a straight back, the pain-components of personality, how can I heal, lining up the bodies, a bit of Armageddon, becoming whole, internal pain management, the meaning of minding, shifting contexts, an unhidden language, there is no mind, the problem of rubbish, Dave’s babbling, writing a book about Dave, the false identity & toxic thoughts, the need for intellect, upcycling the mind, the sense of identification, inner noise.

Part Three: Letting the Life Force Lead (55 mins – 1 hr 11 mins)

The libido and the will to live, a body of feeling, the despair of the ego, childhood trauma, in the dead of night, sex & marriage, a triggered libido, addressing the situation, serving up a facial, recalibration of the libido, the Viagra industry, the opportunity of powerlessness letting the life force lead.

Part Four: (1 hr 11 mins – to end)

Firing a gun, hatred for guns vs. love for Clint Eastwood, Clint’s hair, Seen & Not Seen, a visceral lesson, sex & guns, the reality of sex, fantasies of polymorphous perversity, an ancestral influence, the sexual spectrum, birth trauma, laughing births, the function of the blog & podcast, what are people seeking, filling the void, new forms of engagement, the thirst for experience, what babies have, a feeling of incompleteness, a split in the body, post-retreat momentum, finding a purpose, beyond self-respect.

Songs: “Crooked” by Kristin Hersh; “Beirut,” “Seadrift,” and “Redbird” by Arborea; “Say What You Will” by Hazelwood Motel.

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  1. I particularly enjoy the sudden twists and turns in the dialogue arising from the difference of opinion/views between Jasun and Martin about experience/interpretation of the Enlightenment Transmission and that Dave Oshana guy.


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