The Liminalist # 213: Healing the Libido (with Martin Jolly)

Return conversation with Martin Jolly, on the mind, body, life force, and libido and bringing all the levels into healing alignment.

Part One: Continuity of Being (0 – 27 mins)

Fixed idea of enlightenment, talking to and about the ancestors, ancestral approval, conceptual vs. experiential, energy bodies, energy healing, unrooted experiences of energy, Dave’s checking method, a fluid correspondence, squid-prodding, stimming the false identity, spiritual complacency, hitting a nail, false identity’s experience, discontinuity of the mind, an absence of friction, listening in to bodies, Dave’s emptiness, an opportunity to let go.

Part Two: A Snake Chasing its Tail (27 – 55 mins)

An experience on a park bench, when thoughts go retrograde, problems in the body, sitting with a straight back, the pain-components of personality, how can I heal, lining up the bodies, a bit of Armageddon, becoming whole, internal pain management, the meaning of minding, shifting contexts, an unhidden language, there is no mind, the problem of rubbish, Dave’s babbling, writing a book about Dave, the false identity & toxic thoughts, the need for intellect, upcycling the mind, the sense of identification, inner noise.

Part Three: Letting the Life Force Lead (55 mins – 1 hr 11 mins)

The libido and the will to live, a body of feeling, the despair of the ego, childhood trauma, in the dead of night, sex & marriage, a triggered libido, addressing the situation, serving up a facial, recalibration of the libido, the Viagra industry, the opportunity of powerlessness letting the life force lead.

Part Four: (1 hr 11 mins – to end)

Firing a gun, hatred for guns vs. love for Clint Eastwood, Clint’s hair, Seen & Not Seen, a visceral lesson, sex & guns, the reality of sex, fantasies of polymorphous perversity, an ancestral influence, the sexual spectrum, birth trauma, laughing births, the function of the blog & podcast, what are people seeking, filling the void, new forms of engagement, the thirst for experience, what babies have, a feeling of incompleteness, a split in the body, post-retreat momentum, finding a purpose, beyond self-respect.

Songs: “Crooked” by Kristin Hersh; “Beirut,” “Seadrift,” and “Redbird” by Arborea; “Say What You Will” by Hazelwood Motel.

2 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 213: Healing the Libido (with Martin Jolly)”

  1. I particularly enjoy the sudden twists and turns in the dialogue arising from the difference of opinion/views between Jasun and Martin about experience/interpretation of the Enlightenment Transmission and that Dave Oshana guy.

  2. I would say that the body recoveres quickly in regards to posture, the more we recover the pieces and put them together. Sometimes it’s genetical when it comes to organs, because of the transmitted genes. It’s quite complex if we get into it deeper. But alignment is the key and the meaning of words and self reflection. The mind believes the words, for some, afirmations work. But there are stages in healing as well in reintegrating into love and source.
    Beautiful postcast, I just started yesterday since I saw you in Shaun Attwood interview. Blessings to both of you.
    PS. – Mind and all this time-space hologram is a multivers, that is how I got out of conspiracy rush.


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