The Liminalist # 214: The Evil Men (& Women) Do (with Matthew Alford)

Conversation with Matthew Alford on the pathological drives and dark rituals of the political & cultural elite

Part One:  Looking into the Abyss (0 – 36 mins) 

Getting banned from the US, a run-in with Homeland Security, Henry Kissinger’s travel restrictions, the rules for Lear jets, flight-shaming, extinction rebellion, climate change & the Pentagon’s carbon emissions, demilitarizing the planet, Cowspiracy, malign social appendages, rational solutions, the sociopolitical, psychological, & biological, government responsibility to be rational, the ruling class pathology, Jasun’s family background, food and geopolitics, British aristocracy & bloodlines, Jimmy Savile, the evil men do, Savile’s early years, the club scene in Leeds, Mass Observation, UK dance halls and wartime propaganda, looking into the abyss, Aleister Crowley’s path of transgression, Ayn Rand’s lonely death, the will to power, Kirk Douglas & the rape of Natalie Wood, Rand & Crowley’s affinity for evil.

Part Two: The Law of the Jungle-Lords (36 mins to end)

Kirk Douglas & the good life, lovely Keanu, evil & unhappiness, evil & success, Hollywood initiations, ascending the levels organized crimes, agents of propaganda, the power of narratives, the uber-elite and occultism, magic & belief, NLP & magical thinking, OCD behavior, touching wood, satanic ritual & anomalous behavior, wartime trauma, the nature of evil, cryptocracy’s rituals of brutalization, Jeff Bezos’ fried iguana, Silicon Valley blood-boys, Richard Dawkins cannibalism, breaking taboos, the law of the jungle-lords, using taboo in comedy, offensive humor vs. subversive humor.

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Songs: “Applegate” by Little Teeth; “Bad Moon Rising” and “Rake” by Buck Curran.

4 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 214: The Evil Men (& Women) Do (with Matthew Alford)”

  1. Yes, you understand the nature of black magickal power, which is releasing energy and attaining superhuman consciousness via transgressive, evil acts. I don’t think your guest gets it; frankly he sounds rather mundane. It’s hard for liberal-minded, secular Westerners to wrap their heads around black magick, which is so primal and pre-liberal by nature.

  2. Here’s a link explaining how Jeff Bezos got caught eating a barbequed iguana in Manhattan:

    And for anyone who’s interested, here’s a link to my latest video project, which features Matt Alford’s voice-over narration (mixed with my own). It addresses some of the same topics that Matt and Jasun discussed during the podcast. On YouTube:

  3. Interesting connection between Crowley and Ayn Rand via the will to power, and the sad end of that sad song. Make sure you’re a real psychopath before you journey down that psycho path.

    One time I tried to console a friend who’d started suffering from panic attacks by telling her the good news is this means you’re not a psychopath. She responded she wished she was. This is the world we live in.

    The killer Rand thought was dreamy was William Hickman.

    “He does not understand, because he has no organ for understanding, the necessity, meaning, or importance of other people … Other people do not exist for him and he does not understand why they should.”


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