The Liminalist # 224: Clowns to the Left, Jokers to the Right (with Tom Hart)

Conversation with Tom Hart on the ideological polarity, the dominance of liberal -progressivism, and the occult thread of Gnosticism in politics and group identity

Part One: A Purity Spiral (0 mins – 36 mins)

Tom’s interests, from journalism and academia, a bid for honesty, moving to the right, writing comics, occultism & Jung, Colin Wilson, Julius Evola, meeting John Cussans, finding a place on the ideological landscape, getting lumped with the right, ideology vs. religion, belief in the supernatural, a new secular priestcraft, The Guardian worldview, three major ideologies, fascism, Marxism, liberal progressivism, leaving the left, a purity spiral, liberal one-upmanship, mass-state education & mass media, narrative collapse, high-status narrative control crumbling & the arrival of populism.

Part Two: The New Church of the Liberal Progressive (36 – 57 mins)

The left and power, free speech, the impositions of the vocal minorities, Apartheid, minority rule in Africa & Israel, inside and outside views of the Left, the dominant western ideology, the power of the Marxist, the quest for real socialism, national socialism as the rightest part of the left, entropy & homogeneity, identity politics, gender & sex, gingers as acceptable white men, the meta-identity of good liberal, meaningless categories of morality, the modern-day Church, Hitler as Satan.

Part Three: Spiritual & Biological Value Systems (57 mins to end)

Occult and the right-wing, depth psychology, body awareness and pain, the scientific method & religion, constraining consciousness, nature loves to hide, awareness and the body, the interdependence of left and right, chaos & order, female & male, creating hierarchies, confronting death, spiritual & biological value systems, the third way, the worship of science, materialism & idealism, the problem of mind, the supernatural, transgender & Gnosticism, the denial of reality, the fallen state, working back to God.

Second audio:

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Part Four: The Gnostic Heresy (0 – 32 mins)

The will to power, the gnostic heresy, the difference between wisdom and knowledge, Crowley’s OCD, the wisdom of forgetting, a cabbie’s advice, Brexit, the cognoscenti & the myth of progress, the primacy of education, scientific method & religion, the theory of evolution, the quaternity of religion, science, art, and magic, the presence of ego, the use of will, two ways to see magic, shamanic culture & early religion, the esoteric tradition, killing the ego, siddhis and enlightenment, Taoism & renunciation, what is hidden, the lost child state, the zombie ego, trauma and the nervous system.

Part Five: Immanentizing the Eschaton (32 – 59 mins)

Nietzsche, Dionysus & Apollo, the contest between left & right, Nietzsche’s end, looking at the whole life, Crowley’s toxicity, sorting the seeds, Crowley’s magic powers, soul rescue writing, Crowley’s influence, immanentizing the eschaton, the Fabian Society, Luciferian liberal progressivism, two lives through technology, integrating the shadow, the power of the imagination, Jung & reconciliation of opposites, right-wing Gnosticism, the evolution of politics, defining fascism.

Part Six: A Second Dreamtime (59 mins – end)

Nuclear policy, the erosion of freedom, egalitarian fascism, the hierarchy of intersectionality, a second dreamtime, virtual hunter-gatherers, wokeness & consumerism, status products, view on conspiracy, giving up belief, bursting bubbles, using language as a knife, the label conspiracy theory, aspiring to guru status, moving past language boxes.

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Songs: (Audio one:) “Pirates” by Entertainment for the Braindead; “Fine Care,” by Monokle Galun; “The Night I Proclaimed Your Love” by Emerald Park; “Horses in the Chest” by Short Hand. (Audio two:) “Pirates” by Entertainment for the Braindead; “Pilgrim Song Live,” by The Water Tower Bucket Boys; “Where You Stop for a Minute” by Cotton Jones; “What I Ain’t Got” by Rabbit Island; “Changes” by Short Hand. 

7 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 224: Clowns to the Left, Jokers to the Right (with Tom Hart)”

  1. I like to look at the Left and Right as a divorce. Both sides have good points and it’s very sad. I also look at it historically as an in-house fight between American Christians. The Modernists (Social Gospel) and the Fundamentalists. Very interesting conversation, thanks. Certainly the Left have become like an evil, controlling priesthood as of late. I saw this emerge personally as a child surrounded by American intelligentsia. It was very, very slow though. Back in the 60s, Republicans and Democrats got along amazingly well. Heavy duty Jazz people were not at all fond of homosexuality. I think both sides were infiltrated and pushed along.

  2. I feel as if what Mr Hart is lacking is a connection to his heart, and probably some of his other organs too. He has formed rigidly a principle to govern his relationships with other people and his relationship to the state. When it is threatened or questioned he shrinks back to preserve it, becoming noncommittal.

    It all felt rather grey to me in the end, as if there was no sunshine, or fresh fruit, or women’s summer dresses there.

    Clever chap though. Let us hope he fails in his dream of leading a cult, for his own benefit as much as anyone else’s.

  3. Some how I enjoyed this talk even though I basically disagreed on like a deep metaphysical level with every assertion Tom made. It was some what fascinating to hear such a radically different but learned take on his opposite view of the world and reality than my own. It was easy and enjoyable to listen to you guys hash it out. Feels healthy to be challenged with out the typical and obvious dogma.

  4. Doesn’t the second audio repeat at least twice when you’re talking about Crowley? I noticed the same thing in another recent podcast. Just wanted to make sure I’m not hallucinating.


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