The Liminalist # 228: The Mystic Joiner (with Meta-Nomad)

For the fifth anniversary of The Liminalist, a conversation with Meta-Nomad of Hermitix podcast, on mystery podcasting and when love and kindness makes a comeback!

Part One: The Quest for Reenchantment (0 – 28 mins)

Differing approaches to podcasting, getting straight to the punch, attention economy, the philosophy of the strange hermit, the methodology of The Liminalist, seeking real-time connections, talking about liminality, seeking reenchantment, Ernst Junger, problem of popularity, the mystery of podcasting, an interest in ideas, the inception of escapism, real vs. false escape, leaving people be, those who have embarked on the path.

Part Two: Escape from Narcissism (28 mins – 59 mins)

Escape from narcissism, the mystic joiner, the human security system, living among the sleepwalkers, articulation & obscurantism, micro-thoughts of narcissism, niche-theory occultism spheres, the emo-ethos, living in the present, mindfulness vs narcissism, occultism 101, the problem of anti-occultism, left and right hand paths, souls getting past minds, when love & kindness makes a comeback, the Boomer-removal from love, Joker movie, where love is.

Part Three: The Philosophy of Giving (59 mins – end)

Unconscious hostility, a loveless culture, the enemy of love & kindness, cessation of consumption, identity as consumer, endless add-ons, the philosophy of giving, the neutral position, the inability to sit still, passivity & passion, enjoyment of being, distrust of rituals, a spectrum of occultism, back to Christianity, making the unconscious conscious, hyperstition, love, acceptance, and control, morality & the disgust reflex, virtue signaling.


On living with cats, loving the body, occultism as the negative identity as Christianity, Christian occultism, wholesome Christian guidelines, body-morality, the Bible as shield & club, gauging the ethics of a guest, hearing the voice.

Hermitix Podcast

Songs: “Pirates” & “Roadkill” by Entertainment for the Braindead; “cha lectro cha cha” by Martinibomb; “Changes” by Short Hand.

8 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 228: The Mystic Joiner (with Meta-Nomad)”

  1. “count them on my penis”
    really makes one think about what’s happening in the Finland Buddha field/pure land

    THAT was a fine chat. Thanks guys.

  2. A says, “I have sympathy for the devil. I sort of take the Devil’s side on things. I like his rebellious nature.”

    B suggests, “Well. you are probably on the road to Hell with him then. Wouldn’t you agree?”

    A reasons, “How could you be such an offensive asshole?”

  3. Each time I listen to this podcast, I sense more and more clarity, more understanding, more contentment within myself. I’ve never been to therapy, but the many hours I’ve spend absorbing the liminalist makes me feel that I’ve been going for years. Perhaps it’s winter, a season that always elicits more profound contemplation and reflection (at least for me), but the last few episodes have lifted the flood gates of the heart and allowed for much crud and gunk to be washed away on down the river.

    And I was pleasantly surprised to hear Meta-Nomad mention Franz Bardon and “Initiation Into Hermetics,” as that (and his two successive books) was my very first encounter with practical occultism. Even still, despite my deep distrust of much of occultism today, that book has always held a plot in my garden.

    Keep doin’ what yr doin’. It’s working.

  4. I’ve listened to quite a few Hermitix podcasts since you guested there and I quite enjoy the majority of meta’s content (not sure I find John Greer that engaging though). His interview with John Cussans on Bataille was an interesting talk.

    I felt in your recently posted youtube discussion “Talking Conspiracy & The Vice of Kings with John Cussans” the topic of trauma-genesis was treated in shallow water particularly since the topic was VOK. If you get the opportunity to talk to Cussans again it would be fascinating to see the line drawn between his interest in your work with SaNS and VOK and the transgressive base materialism of Bataille. It would be interesting to see if he could entertain his positive view of Bataille’s work with his respect for you trauma-genesis theory.

  5. It was somehow enjoyable just to hear someone simply and articulately doubt ‘the mind’, out loud. That had a real effect, I felt your point there even more than any other moment in the conversation. It was a good one. Thanks – Recent new listener.

    UG Krishnamurti comes to mind now:

    “The value system has created ‘you’, and there is no way you can free yourself from
    that. Anything you do to free yourself from that value system is adding momentum
    to it. This is the one thing that never occurred to me at that time. What I was saying a
    while ago was that thought cannot be used as an instrument. You can use it to
    control, shape, and mold the value system. But you have no way of freeing yourself
    from it through thought. Even the idea that you should control your thought in order
    to be in a thoughtless or peaceful state is created by thought, so that it can maintain
    its continuity through some petty little experience, through some thoughtless state
    you are interested in.

    But I even question consciousness itself. There is no such thing as consciousness at
    all, let alone higher consciousness, super-consciousness or cosmic consciousness. All
    these notions are created by thought. We were discussing this morning the idea that
    consciousness is a concept. You become conscious of things only through the help of
    knowledge. I become conscious of you only through the knowledge I have about
    you, which has been passed on to me…”


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