The Liminalist # 232: The Invisible Payload (Liminalist Live Event)

Live Liminalist meet up on Zoom from February 29, 2020, on the after-effects of the island initiation in Finland with Dave Oshana, in winter 2020, talking with John H., Mari H, Brian M, & Cedomir.

Part One: Why Are We Here? (0 – 25 mins)

Starting with nothing, the promise of an event, when cells replicate, retreats or initiations, the reason we are here, why did curiosity kill the cat, the acceleration of the energy body, casualties of the cleanse, bringing experience to others, a nonlocal shared resonance energy field, trapped in the matrix, the amplification of a signal, Matrix Warrior and the Lucifer period, audience participation, articulating the ineffable.

Part Two: The Transitional Space (25 – 52 mins)

Making an impression, drawing something out, conveying confusion, the transitional space, the visible skin, the container of life force, body image as mind, the cult of beauty, through the viscera, Dave Oshana on big picture & subtle senses, a death-like zone, the M.O. of Mr. O., a guide through the underworld, neutralizing the mind’s counterfeit creation, show over tell, a willing crew, minding the gap, different languages, a poetic place, being in the body, singing the constructive identity out the way.

Part Three: Social Enlightenment (52 mins- 1 hr 20 mins)

Reluctance to speak out, undercover agents, dangerous information, problems with community, a caring universe, a massage for the psyche, the clearing effects of group work, fear of other people, the original uncaring caregivers, a feedback loop of traumatic memory, the recoil, theory of mind, facing fears, social enlightenment, eschewing social concerns, interfacing with the programming, no people here, a true ceremony master, a spontaneous expression of life force.

Part Four: Nature, Function, Destiny (1 hr 20 mins – end)

Awakening and anxiety, an event in London, multidimensional viewpoint, why The Matrix doesn’t exaggerate, rivers of shit, Hell on Earth, the light that sees the dark, seeing the shape of reality, the parts we reject, why we are not a community, facing fears, finding our path, missing opportunities through inhibition, a limited time span, nature & function & destiny, collectives within the collective, connections among strangers, what we can be sure of, what we are if not people, where Serpent & Christ agree, removing the mind, the body’s story.

Outtakes: Talking with M. Somerset on the differences between Dave Oshana & John de Ruiter (again)

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Songs: “Pirates” by Entertainment for the Braindead; “Harlem River” by Kevin Morby; “You Know Me Well” by Roo Panes; “The Years Tire On,” by Micah P. Hinson.

4 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 232: The Invisible Payload (Liminalist Live Event)”

  1. Good stuff. I even lol’d a few times.

    Story Time :

    The lads and ladies and I at the pizza shop recently made a “tiny library” for the new rehab/half-way house here in town. They’ve been ordering lots of food and we wanted to say thanks. Everyone from the shop put in some books : LOTR, CS Lewis, PKD, Orwell, etc, etc.. I managed to sneak in “Wall Street and the rise of Hitler” “King Dethroned” and “Prisoner of Infinity” .. POI, I can report, was borrowed within 24 hours. 🙂


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