The Liminalist # 237: Trauma-Based Planet (with Steve Snider)

Return conversation with Steven Snider (Recluse) for the release of his first book, Strange Tales of the Parapolitical.

Part One: The Strategy of Tension (0 – 35 mins)

The genesis of Steve’s book, Naomi Klein’s shock doctrine, Colonia Dignidad, the strategy of tension, a unifying principle of social control, trauma in the mystery traditions, how covid-19 got started, the state of the EU, the use of propaganda, colonel James Monroe, the American Security Council, James Jesus Angleton, Michael Aquino, Rupert Murdoch and Son of Sam, JFK, phase one and phase two narratives, the many narratives around covid-19, creating unbridgeable divides, ruling elite and organized crime syndicate, Philadelphia mob war, the death of David Rockefeller.

Part Two: A Hall of Mirrors (35 mins – 1 hr 10 mins)

A replicating virus behind global control, a nonhuman intelligence, Babylon 5, two ancient races, a shadow duality, what fills a cognitive vacuum, the Christian perspective, when nuance gets lost, the Kubrickon, why conspiracy theory is demonic, Michael Aquino, a hall of mirrors, neo-Nazism & UFOs, the demonic finger trap of trauma, self-isolation, mass alienation, as the pressure builds, the need for human community, the curse of social media, re-enacting trauma vs re-experiencing it, mapping the global trauma, returning to human interaction, musical community, spirituality & storytelling.

Part Three: Sons of the Aristocracy (1 hr 10 – 1 hr 34)

Steve’s Epstein book, turning one’s life into fiction, Vice of Kings, the aha moment, seeking the anomalies, Prisoner of Infinity, making the body conscious, the global lockdown and the internal lockdown, learning to relax, a trauma-based identity, British child-rearing, sons of the aristocracy, a protective shell, killing empathy, Patrick Melrose, upper class lessons in distrust, when the senses are fully open, permanently contracting the nervous system.

Part Four: Parasites Within the Global Village (1 hr 34 – end)

Molding children to perpetuate empire, affective empathy & cognitive empathy, Ted Bundy, advanced theory of mind, being cut off from our senses, the hunger for validation, the pressure of legacy, from the gods on down, the story of hierarchy, Christianity & humanitarianism, ant colonies, a re-emergence of the Hindu caste system, the problem with equality, total interdependence, square pegs into round holes, what society values, the mortality rate of garbagemen, what makes a community, , return to regionalism, the loss of certainty, local food sources, victory gardens. 

Recluse’s site (VISUP)

Songs: “Pirates” by Entertainment for the Braindead; “I Hate You” by Norman Fagg; “Answer Me” by The Apartment; “Song for a Secret” by Jim Reid; “Changes” by Short Hand.

4 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 237: Trauma-Based Planet (with Steve Snider)”

  1. Love your recent discussions with Steven Snyder. Hope to hear more.
    You are correct about how the current situation makes sense to us Christians. Faith in the Lord and Savior is key to that understanding.
    My take is that the One World Everything is the Evil One’s so far successful attempt to undo Genesis 11 or the Tower of Babel. Contrary to what many American Fundamentalists teach–The Christian Nation–other than the Vatican and The City, America is the primary impetus of the New Babel. Praying that you and Steven have a come to Jesus/Road to Damascus moment.

    • “You are correct about how the current situation makes sense to us Christians. Faith in the Lord and Savior is key to that understanding.”

      There has never been a period where Christians would not say such a thing. And yet while your faith may be comforting to you at this moment it has never been known to be predictive, in fact has always been wrong about future religious and cosmic events, and has often been the harbinger of horror for non-Christians. This is just the plain truth.

  2. I like where this conversation went. Good to hear two solid researchers diverge into some basic, daily life observations. God bless you both


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