The Liminalist # 239: A Skeptic’s Testimony of the Transmission (with Cedomir)

Conversation with Cedomir on why all the enlightenment in the world hasn’t changed the world one iota, the forces of counter-enlightenment, the vale of soul-making, and the question of what constitutes humanity.

Part One: Whistling to the Gallows (0 – 32 mins)

A credulous skeptic, whistling to the gallows, faith in the face of torture, rumors of enlightenment, Krishnamurti’s dying claim, a counter-force to enlightenment, what collective awakening might look like, a social movement, covid-19 and a planetary something, nonplayer characters, a viral phenomenon, why there are no enlightenment pride parades, unremitting darkness in the Kali Yuga, conquering death, a guiding light, being outnumbered.

Part Two: Causal Agent of Enlightenment (32 – 58 mins)

The nature of the world, Keats’ gravestone, the vale of soul-making, Christ’s torturous process, what went wrong, a purpose to the wrongness, Dave Oshana as causal agent of enlightenment, questioning the transmission, attending a free event, not-a-guru, working with large numbers, moving from mind to senses, becoming less burdened, enlightenment transmission and individual life force, the price Jesus paid, spreading enlightenment on a numerative basis, accessing the life force, a refracting system, shards of the human soul.  

Part Three: Where Empathy Begins (58 mins – 1 hr 31 mins)

Mind-skepticism that becomes obsolete, prosthetic limbs of humanity, the false myth of humanity, compassion & frustration for the lost, interacting with humans in the thrift store, those beyond saving, non-sentient bodies, the identity as energy drain, investing in images, the original discordant note, a growing knot, conception vortex and diminishing life force, the image of distortion, ancestral conditioning, acknowledging an anti-human force, Satan’s asshole, discerning who to help, misery junkies, where empathy begins, showing up for loved ones.

Part Four: A Serbian Warrior (1 hr 31 mins – end)

The center of the self, Dave’s head-hunting, an invisible team, a self-selective process, the guru scene, a more passive process, the solution to being born in Hell, the procedure when everything’s been coopted, mapping an endless tunnel, seeing the light, the pseudo-solution of “spirituality,” mass-produced fake-awakenings, turning away from enlightenment, the value of a skeptic’s testimony, a Serbian warrior.

Songs: “Pirates” by Entertainment for the Braindead; “Jagode” by Bitipatibi; “Isijavanje” Srce Male Rode II

16 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 239: A Skeptic’s Testimony of the Transmission (with Cedomir)”

  1. Your writing makes sense to me, Jasun.
    I hope you never reach the point where you feel that archiving your thoughts is not worth the effort.

  2. That was an interesting conversation! Thx!
    You where both very open minded and honest, it seems to me.

    One thing struck me…Jasun talking about the drunk man entering his shop
    and how he imagines him to be a hollow body, containing no life force
    any more.
    I think it’s quite the opposite. When I meet “lost souls”, drunks, drug addicted, mental ill etc
    I can see it in their eyes. Theres is this little spark, I feel their despair. For me its our environment,
    thats hostile – and because this person has a lot of life force / “soul” inside,
    he can’t stand this hell and he ‘escapes’ it with drugs.
    So this drunk has a good prerequisite for enlightment – a suffering soul. If he had no light inside, he would not suffer so much.
    I see a lot of “emtpy” bodies in the current neoliberal political system, no compassion anymore…
    but thats an other story…


    • I think I indicated something similar to your last point; that the drunks who stagger into my store have good prerequisite for enlightenment may be taking a point too far however.

      the point about suffering one could surely also make about “unfeeling” psychopaths…?

      at the end of the day, how much life force we are born with would seem predetermined, and how much we end up with in later life, determined by our choices; and if there is any prerequisite for enlightenment, besides the grace of God, then it would seem be be our life force quotient.

  3. Cedomir is a deep thinker, much appreciated. Regarding his question about the Serpent, can you direct me to your written reply or article that you briefly mentioned.

    • Not really, it was an exchange in the comments section at a recent post; however, the current series addresses this question throughout. (At the blog)

  4. This made for good listening. Don’t really have much to add except that the matter of life force energy and how it plays into styles of perception is probably worthy of further address. . .. . and also the idea of real humanity being submerged or encased. . . . Thank you for remembering to pick up cigarettes.

  5. When I listen to you there is a large resonance, but when I read you there is a little bit of discordance. Just a curiosity I noticed, no malevolence behind it. Did you ever notice malevolence is male violence without the I?

    • surprised I missed that as long as I did….

      interesting you felt the need to assure the absence of malevolence – perhaps because it’s easy to project discordance onto the written word?

      • Because it is a little odd to say that instead of just saying how I enjoyed the podcast. I was trying to get at how you lose a part of the person when you create the voice by reading instead of listening directly and how the writer, including commenters like myself, have a slightly different personality when they write. My mind is struggling with its diminishing importance and is not a happy camper so it might have slipped in a little shot at you as well. Like a drowning swimmer grasping at the nearest body to crawl ontop of. Wishing you the best and appreciate what you are doing.

  6. A very good way for me to start my day, listening to you two share your feelings, explore shared questions and experiences: like a dance together full of life by the fire: very warming against the cold in some of the air we have to live in.
    Cedomir you echo my experience of ricocheting between gullible (which has dominated so much that people have said to me over the years ‘gullible you know is not in the dictionary’ and I have said ‘Really? Wow’ [cringe]) and scepticism which lurks and spits in my shadow; trying to merge, blend, make a smoothie of them both and see what comes out, what the steady balance is between the opposite ends of the seesaw (to merge metaphors here). Jasun what you describe, question: is humanity hidden in the masses? brings forth immediately a vivid picture of London : populated as it is now by two thirds? half? the people shopping or getting on the bus or walking in the park wearing masks. It makes me afraid, like we are in Invasion of the Body Snatchers, that the day is coming when I will be – like you started the conversation – thrown into prison . Although the Rebel/Warrior in me will go proudly, standing up straight at least if unable to whistle.
    Thanks for this both of you. I shall take this into my Saturday, pruning my roses in the garden where there are no masked humatons.


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