The Liminalist # 242: A Taste of Transmission (with Ashley H)

Return conversation with Ashley H, on impressions of Dave Oshana, the transmission, ancestral loads, embodying the life force and connecting hell to heaven. 

Part One: Questions of Enlightenment (0 – 24 mins)

The changing iterations of Dave Oshana, the necessity of identity, the influence of words, the normality of Dave, questions of enlightenment, beyond our comprehension, a dangerous red herring, human responses, a rough East End lad, a taste of transmission, responding to a call, a visit to an old man, passing on the transmission.

Part Two: Airless Places (24 mins – 51 mins)

Waking up into gloom, people in groups who seek good feelings, when the life force withdraws, the men who died, inherited morning blues, the courage to stay in hell, a place of hopelessness, the fear of being swallowed up, dreams of dystopia, airless places, imprisoned in a version of being alive, awakening from nightmare, the use of will, the power of desperation, an internally generated hell.

Part Three: Ancestral Darkness (51 mins – end)

Back to Nature, from contentment to enlightenment, a healthy ego, accepting hell, the horrors of the human heart, becoming the marriage of heaven and hell, perceptions around hell, addictions & the use of the life force, the damned parts of the human body, the father’s nihilism, the ancestral darkness, seeking balance in family systems, optimism & the dark, Emerald’s tale, overground with underground, dialogues with the dead, a huge divide, evolution in action.

Songs: “Pirates” by Entertainment for the Braindead; “Just Like Anything” by Malcolm Middleton; “Road to Nowhere” (cover); “Changes” by Short Hand


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