The Liminalist # 243: Senders & Receivers (with Franz Ruppert)

Conversation with Franz Ruppert on the fundamentals of trauma, family constellations, resonant fields, cooperative vs competitive social arrangements, dark alliances, & finding the light within.

Part One: A Traumatized Life (0 – 22 mins)

Blocked relationships, a constant state of stress, family constellations, inner world access, resonant fields, bonding relationships, trauma in the womb, survivors of abortion attempts, a biography of adaptation, an everywhere and nowhere proposition, what happens to the body, sub-systems of the organism, the psychic sub-system, information processing & memory, the transference of knowledge into action, body and psyche communication, the loss of responsibility, the amassing contradictions of the traumatized life.

Part Two: The Inner Cosmos (22 –  48 mins)

The fundaments of trauma, the objectification of women, the conditions of motherhood, multi-generational trauma, patriarchy & matriarchy, competition society, identity-oriented psychotherapy, moving the focus from outside to inside, cooperative system, traumatized mothers and sons, identifying traumatizing situations, a trauma-sensitive society, ignorance of the inner cosmos, society & the individual, resonating peace, a three-way split, group work.

Part Three: The Loss of Play (48 mins – 1 hr 10 mins)

Nested in a support network, the illusion of individuality, family constellations & the ancestors, the mystery of connecting, senders & receivers of information, the openness of a healthy psyche, co-consciousness, John Bowlby, safety and exploration, unsafe mother-bonding, neoteny, the loss of play, a survival driven world, nationalism, children’s preference for cooperative games, forced competitive spirit, homogenization, teamwork, bringing out individual qualities, living in accordance with abilities.

Part Four: (1 hr 10 mins – end)

When competition leads to conflict, running away from oneself, the advocation of trauma, the darkness of consciousness, belief in evil, a hell-womb, study of a mass-killer, Hitler’s biography, surrounded by death, at home with death, dark alliances, trauma-based knowledge for dealing with difficult realities, satanic circles and pedophile rings, the importance of biography, a live online conference, an international men’s group.

Franz Ruppert online

Songs: “Pirates” by Entertainment for the Braindead; “What Else is New” by by Art of Flying; “Heaven is a Ghost Town” by Krestovsky; “The Source” by Art of Empathy“; “Changes” by Short Hand

2 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 243: Senders & Receivers (with Franz Ruppert)”

  1. That was an interesting conversation!
    As a psychotherapist Franz Ruppert has an other view on the whole trauma subject
    that completes somehow your view on this topic.
    His model simplifies some circumstances, but thats true for all models.
    And like you, I don’t think that a Matriarchy would be a long lasting solution to the
    endless chain of traumata going from one generation to the next.
    Power and leadership corrupt the people, so if you transfer all the (political) power
    to women only, they would be corrupted also after a short time.Power is a burden.

    My mother and other women I know where raised by nuns in a children’s home
    and they told me very cruel stories about the atrocity of some nuns.
    This small children’s home cosmos was a kind of Matriarchy and barbarity ruled.

    And you, Jasun, mentioned at the end that you want to deal with lighter topics.
    I try to do the same, just to feel better. To think all day about evil is not healthy.
    One needs times to recover from this dark thoughts. When my heart is filled with love, it makes
    me strong again and I can confront the devils within and without.

    Reminds me of a quote from Nietzsche

    “Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster…
    for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.”


  2. I was kind of interested until 24:00 when he began his patriarchy spiel. I was almost expecting him to start quoting Adorno. The very idea that women are viewed as brood hens, bullied into motherhood by men is, frankly, laughable. I understand he’s German and therefore has been heavily indoctrinated, but blimey, come on. We’ve had 50 years or more of Critical Theory and it’s offshoots, are subsequent generations any more well adjusted? Clearly they aren’t. Women have had most of the chips stacked in their favour and have more choices available to them now than at anytime in history, are they any happier? Again, clearly not. And maybe it’s because an ideological wedge is constantly being driven between the sexes and our biological instincts are constantly undermined by experts.


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