The Liminalist # 254: (More Snake Skins, with the Ungoogleable Michaelangelo)

Follow up conversation with the Ungoogleable Michaelangelo, on Prisoner of Infinity, soul rescue, psychedelics, the power of disbelief, projections of the divine, transhumanism & transgender, accountability of researchers in the alt. perceptions community, & the hidden machinery of abuse.

Part One: A World Full of Holes (0 – 39 mins)

Reading Prisoner of Infinity, self-portraits as other people, plant-medicinal interface, a user experience of the psyche, the old seers, self-replicating machines of language, a world full of holes, being possessed by an authorial voice, soul rescue missions, the hidden protagonist of 16 Maps of Hell, Polanski’s The Tenant, trapped in the matrix, the trap of synchromysticism, overlooking the overlooker, a lethal text, the mutual trappings of conspiracy theory and psychedelics, fortresses in freefall, finalizing infinity, the power of disbelief, the skin of a snake, an origin story, looking for God, a cyclone of confusion, eternal creative energy, the repositories of eternity.

Part Two: A Stain on the Emptiness (39 mins – 1 hr 15 mins)

The bicameral wife mind, a skeptical ear, the god-devil dichotomy, semi-dogmatism, the opposite of the totality, a daimonic split, a stain on the emptiness, mind vs psyche, a DID deity, God beyond projection, a tweet-storm with Erik Davis, the trans argument/trans fallacy, a hallucinatory mind-space, postmodernism and the reification of identity, an Oedipal edifice, men who would be women, a collective human organism & a fragmented psyche, The id-entity, a crack house castle in the clouds, the bicameral mind & the voice of the gods, the I inside, guidance of the soul, sensation as voice, the divine in action, Blake’s marriage of heaven and hell, the chameleon saucer-mind.

Part Three: The Theater of Cruelty (1 hr 15 – 1 hr 50 mins)

T McKenna & tarnishing the truth, conflating mind subjectivity with body subjectivity, making up the mind, personality as performance, a flight into theater, Jason Silva, a slave-run simulation, losing touch with sensation, the empowerment of the identity, body as machine, the theater of cruelty, the reality behind lizard overlords, Silva’s fear of death, Erik’s enabling, Jeffrey Kripal’s dodginess, Davis & the OTO, trauma as good for the soul, Beyond the Black Rainbow, occultism and child trafficking, complicity by association, Jonathan Lethem, the role of whistle-blower.

Part Four: A Battle for Nuance (1 hr 50 mins – end)

The freedom to follow leads, writing for an exclusive audience, the lens of trauma, writing for survivors, a tapestry of abuse, a cursed nation, a pseudo-awakening and a revenge fantasy, Tarantino movies, a battle for nuance, scapegoating the scapegoaters, uber-rationales, sustaining taboos to maintain balance, the unification of abused and abuser, defending Michael Jackson, setting boundaries, using psychedelics to treat trauma, poisonous medicine, Trojan Horses on every side, the body as God incarnate. 

Crucial Fictions & Lucid Trauma” (first talk with UM) 

Michaelangelo’s site.

Songs: “Pirates” by Entertainment for the Braindead; “Silent Sirens” & “Carry My Casket Like a Boombox (on Your Shoulder)” by Void Denizen; “Changes” by Short Hand.


2 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 254: (More Snake Skins, with the Ungoogleable Michaelangelo)”

  1. If we manage to make computers self aware, would they be able to perceive their makers, where would they put their makers on a spectrum compared to themselves. I don’t think they would, and if they could perceive them I think people would fall somewhere on the lowest end of the spectrum in a spectrum involving comparisons. Sort of similar to the relationship between people and nature. I think people are confused and deluded about what they are, where god fits in, and the nature of reality just the same as a computer would obviously be to us if it went off an some messianic complex trip. We’d point and laugh as it whipped itself up into a frenzy about conspiracies involving the abuse of batteries by automobiles, and declaring a land fill sacred because it was filled to the brim with mechanical waste. Sort of how I think nature points and laughs at us when we afford ourselves the luxury of disappearing into so many rabbit holes in search of the ‘truth’ and never quite being able put our finger on it. It laughs hysterically, why..? Because as much as we built elaborate structures to help explain all of this the answer was so astoundingly obvious and hidden in plain sight, we are nothing, and nothing is going on. Maybe it sounds sad and depressing but it’s not – there is the strange and there is the miraculous, it just doesn’t involve the wiz bang we expect when we are watching a movie. Being able to breath is strange and miraculous, watching an insect is as well, as is feeling the rain on your skin, all of it a sacred and a blessing. Just an opinion of course, subject to revision. It’s the most current opinion at the end of a long list of opinions, which were all revised and gave way to other opinions…

  2. Recently found a music that could be equivalent to psychedelia… how you mention it strengthens in some way a channel of sorts…Charlie Parker plays modes which is a scale that interlopes into another but played slowly it doesn’t,t have the frequency. After playing guitar for nearly 35 years and only the same week as the pod cast have I heard slow jazz with this mode from a playstation game in another room, not an album or cd and a guitarist on You Tube imitating this fast up tempo bo bop , bo peep simulation. I repeat ,one version slow tempo, not Charlie Parker but a calming therapeutic jazz that has not really been heard because albums with jazz usually have hyper active jazz drums or perfectly planned pauses in between solos of improvisation. To hear a guitarist wok up tempo there is a comedy element to the rhythm as though the notes do not matter anymore . There is a contract of these two styles . The playstation game, perhaps two or a three generation.
    Now lets go back to the lsd experiences. life slowed down is one . For example , well it isn’t for example because I am already inside exploring it . The jazz experience , when I was younger was always told to learn jazz for the funk band but it was difficult. Later I learned Django and also visited a teacher . Okay great. But the teacher for Django which was a comfy weekend course not to far from me discontinued the following year that I was over prepared for “to make up for the break up”. All this is pre you tube so lessons could not be found for alternatives. Anyway this week and the strengthening of the psychedelic rituals or trials , attempts for you both I am experiencing now with these two pieces of jazz patterns. One up temp and the other a quarter of the speed, really slowed down.
    To have both in the same week after 35 years meaning that it is stretched out. Life is rehearsed. Shoot a candle fast enough and it will go through a wooden door (Charlie Parker). Have a wax door and shoot oneself with breath is the slow playstation jazz currently unknown artist but attention to detail and smooth as a rock underneath a make believe Cornish submerged portal between St just and St Ives where the Mermaids frequent.


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