The Liminalist # 265: You Need To Relax Because Time Is Running Out (with Jeff Gentry)

Return conversation with Jeff Gentry on surfing the waves of power & responsibility

Part One: Someone Who Can Help Us Find Freedom (0 – 36 mins)

Post-Dave Oshana meet, a lighthouse surrounded by waves, good dreams, Dave dreams, male-bonding, being probed by Dave, low expectations, the possibility of a Transmission, Dave’s comedy routine, strategic irreverence, deflective humor, do the enlightened get uncomfortable? undercover as spiritual teacher, waiting for an arrow in the heart, taking off the kid gloves, the Vegas nerve & the fascia, where the Transmission hits, how Dave turns the tables,  getting a diagnosis, you need to relax because time is running out, Jeff’s digestion, why communicating with Dave is so frustrating.

Part Two: The Biggest Wave (36 mins – 1 hr 11 mins)

What we really communicate, distinguishing the Transmission from social anxiety, examining stool, witness to a transformation, the kind of guys that come to Dave via Jasun, a sensitive operation, relating as equals, different fruit at the stall, what the team needs, friendship without identity, someone who can help us find freedom, the effects of an Oshana retreat, tuning the instruments, suffering & letting go, meeting the bigger waves, facing responsibility, making a move, relaxing under pressure, with responsibility comes power.

Part Three: Growth through Challenge (1 hr 11 – 1 hr 40 mins)

The uses of comfort, the limits of comfort, stasis vs. motion, the comfort of motion, a liminal lifestyle, between the US & Mexico, a preference for desert, comparative landscapes, the contours of the earth, back to nature, Galicia climate, the waves in Portugal, getting reconnected in time to die, the joy of challenges, a Galician tale, getting into a tight spot in Ribeira de Sacra, Olga to the rescue, a calming presence.

Part Four: When the Call Comes (1 hr 40– 1 hr 57 mins)

Help will come, learning to let go, the crime of relaxation, readying for activation, when the call comes, finding your mission, farming & goats, an enjoyable learning curve, society’s increasing unappeal, the faceless people.

Part Five: Shedding the Slave Collar (1 hr 57 mins – end)

Aging, Jeff’s throat, the slave collar, discomfort being seen, a big guy trying to be small, being skinny, becoming less imposing, Jeff’s tattoos, paternal influence, father’s health, choosing between a US police state and a cartel-run Mexico, military action in Mexico, finding passion, a history of alcoholism, a sense of purpose, 16 Maps of Hell, a message in a bottle, tricked into delivering, lighting up through connections.




Mask-wearing in Mexico, sadness response vs. contempt, avoiding self-righteousness, a masked waiter, keeping covid simple, fear of compliance, an anti-life vibe, a cognitive gulf, pressure on a lever, the main agency of oppression is us, reasons to wear a mask, exemplifying freedom, hysteria & liberation in Spain, the compassion approach, Jeff’s family, in the US for the election, perception management, self-exposure, the fear of being seen, Dave the master of misrepresentation, humor that hits nerves, the Embodiment Conference, saving humanity, a tattoo embodiment artist.

Podcast Art: Martin Jolly

Songs: “The Power of AW” & “Chasing Time” by Joy Zipper; “Walk on By” and “The Dark” by The Bones of JR Jones; “When Your Worst Evolves” by Tendon levy; “Fake-Out Jesus” by The Blacks.

11 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 265: You Need To Relax Because Time Is Running Out (with Jeff Gentry)”

  1. This was fascinating for reasons unimaginable, without hearing both audios. To do it justice would require several articles to elucidate the interactions, characters, themes, issues and revelations. Jeff’s character is the bomb! Hopefully, I got the American English correct.

    BTW The confused participants from the Embodiment Conference who joined the Zoom Enlightenment Transmission after-party left with broad smiles on their faces, joined my list and one wrote several times and declared true friendship. That’s where honesty gets you.

    PS Thanks for the personal profile deconstruction. Soon there will be nothing left, just like a removed tattoo.

  2. Moonlighting (has transferable skills), industrial espionage (developing a keen business edge) and surfing the airwaves (inspired by Jeff and evolving beyond his bicameral mind). I think, he is an inked-man too, but less Yakuza-looking.

  3. “Gurus buggering” is shocking for the only uninitiated but simply daily “wear and tear” for the male initiates, until they get replaced. See “Holy Hell” documentary about a former ballet guy turned guru (not to be confused with tell-all book by the Australian handmaiden of slickly marketed female Indian guru).

  4. Over the last couple of months I’ve taken a deep dive into the cesspool of media, both news and social, and am now in the process of cleaning off all the excrement. Once cleaned up I’ll be back for my Sunday medicine. Soon.

  5. Just in time for the double dunk next weekend, JIS. Saturday is actually a special deep cleanse of ancestral nits and grits, as a preparation for Sunday’s “A Game of Identities”. Cut, slice and parse that as you like.

  6. Great conversation. Jeff is super cool, like the afternoon sun low on the horizon giving rich texture to land/seascapes. He almost makes me want to get a tattoo.
    Really enjoyed the rental car story. Thinking it would make a great short story as part of a new series, The Jasun Adventures in Spain.


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