The Liminalist # 266: Wicked Moves from Nowhere (A Peak Inside the Lim Guys’ Group)

Special Liminalist event, highlights from a recent Men’s Group online meeting, with participants Simon G,  Sebastian, Brian M, Hugo D, Joe B, John S, & Cedomir.

Part One: Trauma Space (0 – 26 mins)

(Simon G) Finding a voice, sensitivity & creativity, creating identities, isolation, the Saturday Dave Oshana free event, connecting to others, abandonment issues, locating anxiety in the body, the challenge of articulation, ancestors & problematic paternal relations, (Jasun) communicating by affect, love and pain, being triggered, opening an old wound, betrayal trauma, father figures & cults, the limitations of analysis, the opportunity of crisis, how spirit enters, (Sebastian) woman devastates, history repeating, sucked into trauma space, leaving the past out of the present.

Part Two: Into the Psychosomatic Realm (26 – 57 mins)

(Simon G) A sense of betrayal, facing the gatekeepers, how the gatekeepers work, the first whiff of danger, system red alert, what courage is, martial arts, (Brian) micro-tensions in the body, mixed martial arts fights, Khabib, (Jasun)  non-reactivity in martial arts, a semblance of outer calm, internal flinches, better out than in, the challenge of the enlightened, allowing strong emotions out, (Sebastian) expression in close relations, (Hugo) boxing training, pushing hands, maintaining balance, being in the energy of another, the right response, (Simon) where energy ends & begins, moving into the punch/pain, pushing forward, psychosomatics, finding affinities, (Joe) transmuting force into counterforce, facing the tension, astrology, the undefeated Khabib again.

Part Three: The Love Field (57 mins – end)

(Brian) The importance of rough-housing, positive & negative imprints of being touched, (John S) unease in the US, uncertainty in the air, people in lockdown, the love field, deep-seated issues, (Sebastian) loneliness in the world, enjoyment of being with oneself, never alone, (John S) an exchange with Dave, a natural evolution, personal development, (Cedomir) rediscovering sport, basketball with brave souls, a joyous affair, futsal, a groin injury, not letting the side down, in awe of the body, commitment to action, wicked moves from nowhere.

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Podcast Art: Martin Jolly

Songs: “The Power of AW” & “Chasing Time” by Joy Zipper; “Burden” and “St James Bed” by The Bones of JR Jones.

14 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 266: Wicked Moves from Nowhere (A Peak Inside the Lim Guys’ Group)”

  1. The most vivid, evocative summary. The art of manliness. Fight Club meets The Matrix Dojo. Gladiators who hang up the jock strap to hoover the house (Freddy Mercury style “I want to break free”).
    Wonder what the guy from Grease is going to say.
    What’s the painting?

  2. Joy Zipper is growing on me. And the art, nice. Reminds me of Kandinsky.

    Men’s groups are infinitely more interesting to me than women’s groups that always necessitate move to check my meager intellect at the door. I refuse to do that.

    Done, done and done. Fly, fly, fly away.

    Thanks for this pod cast.

  3. There is a hero, or anti hero, “you talking to me Dave, you talking to me?” inside every man.
    Men of a certain age have a very hard task, to transition from that hero of youth, seeking adoration and the need to display their peacock feathers, in whatever form they were gifted, into acceptance of the natural decline and sharing their wisdom gained with the youth coming up. Our media culture is heavy in rewarding the former, and lacking in valuing the latter. How hard it is to let go of past glories, or past defeats, but let go one must, or find themselves ridiculously caught in a pattern of self grandiosity and demeaning all who dare laugh behind mouth covering hands. A message from a Gen Xer struggling with this transition, to all the baby boomers unwilling to let go and let others get behind the wheel. A recent presidential election comes to mind.

  4. On Brian’s comment about rough-housing: today, supervising a bunch of 8-12 year-old boys in a homeschool group, they said: “let’s fight!”. I may have normally tried to limit the rough-housing more (careful! careful!), but I thought of Brian’s comment and I expanded my parameters for acceptable violence (kept them back from the hard surfaces, no weapons, no grabbing around the neck, sneak attacks ok, but no sucker punches…) They kept at it for an hour, all of them in this fierce oppositional camaraderie. It was so lovely to witness. Ended with one sprained ankle, but no tears.

      • “take a bow, fellas”

        Going on a hunting party to celebrate or tying a ribbon?

        Taking Freudian slips to another dementia, anagrammatically, one of your least favored rub-you-up-the-wrong-way words from 2 weeks ago is in the above quoted line.
        Crypto-homophonically, “dignes dingues donc.”

        Something for JIS to puzzle while performing routine oral hygiene.

        BTW Afaik, no one has yet solved Mssr. Lawn’s retreat riddle.


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