The Liminalist # 271: Apocalypse Illuminated (A Love Story)

Special Liminalist trip down memory lane, revisiting cassette journals of Jasun’s first encounters with Dave Oshana in Hampstead, London, in  2007. Sound quality is less than perfect; listening with headphones will help increase audibility.

Part One: It Begins (0 – 26 mins)

Dave meets Jake with his mother, first impressions, the Kundalini woman, Dave’s focused attention, Jake’s face-ache, questions for Dave, handing over Matrix Warrior, retreat inquiry, the question of teachers, energy and matter, fishes out of water, a flexible assemblage point, dreams of Dave, healing laughter in the second attention, Dave’s body humor.

Part Two: A Prayer for Transformation (26 – 51 mins)

A creeping sadness, seeking shamanic shakeup, concerns for the mother, expectations high & low, mood shifting, a prayer for transformation, Dave’s worst nightmare, reviewing the workshop, Matrix Warrior again, finding affinity, the return of the Kundalini woman, New Age positivism vs. diagnostic realism, backing up Dave, intimations of collaboration, Garbanzo’s uneaten dinner.

Part Three: The Catalyst (51 mins to 1 hr 19 mins)

Six pounds down the drain, a black pall of negativity, the flyer mind, the catalyst, Garbanzo’s worms, Jake’s circle friends, a sense of alienation, species annihilation, a crucial difference, a necessary reminder of the need to tune in to spirit, questioning the word “spiritual,” the illusion of agreement about spirituality, a Jew and a Muslim, Jake’s intellectual edge, impressions of the group, affinity & awareness, a golden orgasm.

Part Four: The Payoff (1 hr 19 – 1 hr 36 mins)

The party payoff, a cameo appearance by Jake’s brother, a dog in heat, kundalini kickstart, chit-chat about Reich & ETs, the flyer mind again, giving thanks to the spirit and for Dave’s intervention, liberalism & fascism, sensing every rain drop, the key of body awareness.

Part Five: Two Different Rhythms (1 hr 36 mins – 1 hr 53 mins)

The third encounter, a trip to the West-End, a mystery in Mysteries, four hours with Dave, two different rhythms, Dave’s storytelling, more intimations of collaboration, replenished by laughter, dreams of secret police, sadness and tiredness, a hole in the soul.

Part Six: Circle of the Sun (1 hr 53 mins – end)

Looking back, the blueprint, accessing the transmission within, connecting to others, soul mates, what we are seeking, out of the darkness, when the penny drops.

Dave Oshana

Songs: “Primitive” & “Chasing Time” by Joy Zipper; “All the Colors of the Dark” and “Shitkicker” by Federale; “City of Vampires” by Terry Allen; “The Duchess of York” by The UpsideDown

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    • Haha the burp at 108.40! Such an anomalous sound that punctuates the voice with otherworldly possibilities!

      Skip to 108 for context and for a laugh in 40 seconds

  1. In the early days I initially thought Jasun was Jake and found it easier to refer to him as such. Back then his responses, which could be acerbic (pun intended for Ced), was that Jake does not exist. I assumed that was a colossal joke. The second time he declared it, with palpable emotion, “I told you that Jake does not exist,” I took as a follow-on joke. The third time he said it with a growing emotion that I could not understand other than presuming that I had crossed an invisible line.

    Thinking back now, “Jake does not exist” was a statement of fact (Jasun tends to be accurate to a fault) but there was also a mountain of meaning and emotion behind it. I have been teaching about this “second communication channel” recently, and Jasun is a suitable case study. The key to understanding this pithy anecdote that I did not possess at the time was that the to-be-pulped and partly used (having been ascribed to another “Dave”) book that Jasun was palming off on me was to be our point of connection privately but Jasun’s point of disconnection publicly (he wanted shot of Jake in Matrix-long coat style).

    My recollection and recounting of anything related to that time may have been repeatedly reinterpreted over the years, due to numerous interactions with Jasun and the Observer Echo Effect (also recently taught in online classes). It’s all subjective, they say. The only fact that I can evocatively recall was seeking za’atar in “LIttle Lebanon”.

    • that za’atar run the most human part of our early interactions… now it rhymes with my Tamari lament in the pod.

      I would like to hear more commentary on the pod, and on the image, which from my viewpoint is worth at least ten thousand words. It was all done impulsively & without calculation, and I noted only afterwards the female (Mary?) that Dave is looking toward (archetypal imagery like in the Lovers card), and the snakes coming out my butt, just like my familiar Garbanzo in the pod. Dave suggested the pic could be interpreted as a coup d’etat, without saying who was couping whom; I replied that it’s Jupiter and Saturn (guess who’s who?), who are fully conjunct at the time of writing.

      The energy work we are both doing in the pic combines in the mash-up into similar sort of martial practices we did on retreat. I would be curious to know what the Master has to say about what the likely outcome of our moves would be. Dave is rolling with my thrust, and my balance doesn’t look so good. OTOH, he is standing on my foot (like Michael treading the serpent), so that might keep me rooted. All in all, it looks more like teamwork than rivalry to me.

  2. I notice how differently you speak, then and now. Being honest here, hopefully not offensive, you sounded to me strained, striving, and a bit smug. Also irritated. I didn’t even recognize the voice as yours in the beginning of the first segment. But you also sounded open and candid – that quality seems to me consistent, then and now. If that was the beginning of your journey with Dave, and this is where you are now, well that’s quite an endorsement.

    • Yes, agreed, the change in vocal timbre speaks volumes. Not sure how smug gels with strained & striving – progressed and regressed parts perhaps?

      • Smug: I already know the deal.
        Striving: I don’t know anything!
        Strained: Striving trying to emerge through Smug’s bottleneck.
        Or something along those lines, according to me at least.

    • I think it was just really cold out – when I first heard it, it sounded like the tape was sped up (if you were using cassette tape)

      • I did have to speed up the first part because it came out slow on the transfer; I was bunged up a lot in those days and yes, it was cold

  3. I’m sure this isn’t a unique observation, and you may even have commented on it yourself in the past, Jasun, but I can’t help but sense that, whereas John de Ruiter sunk his transcendentures into your father wound, Dave seems to provide a soothing balm for the fraternal wound by meeting your perceptible desire for acceptance—to be seen, to be recognized, chosen, special, to be The One—with respect and reciprocity (Dave Broshana?). He seems to have done so almost instantly, meeting you on level ground, and later building upon that trust by taking your note re: what I call “spiritDuality”.

    Dave, can U expand upon what you imply by or infer from “Jake doesn’t exist”. Is Jake who Jasun believed himself to be at the time (of his Matrix Warrior period, which i have not written)—a self imitating limitation?

    …in how there is no easy, catch-all way to step into the Horsleyverse without having to turn over many a stone, were one to successfully get a sense of the traversed terrain—you’re a veritable can of worms, Jasun. (And not the kind that comes out of a cats butt, which Dave claims is synonymous to a persons nose 😉 )

    • @MA: yes, but do not mistake the worm for the fish 😉

      The pithy insistence to DaOs that Jake did not exist can only have been due to my rapid and fore-ordained transition back to my given name, Jason, before the U landed, and away from my secondary “pet name” Jake, attached to me by my mother in hommage to Hemingway’s castrated soldier of Sun Also Rises; all this came to pass via the intervention of the prayed for 3rd (or is that 4th ?) soul mate, now Mrs. Horsley. Hence the nomenclature Jake went from being a point of cool-pride and One-ness to a maternal millstone around my neck – if you can dig it. I never quite embraced Jason as it was, and it turned out to be a placekeeper from Ja-Sun, which now fits to a T, tho I have to constantly correct O’s for U’s thanks to lazy commenters combined with autocorrect function on stupidphones.

      As you know, the name that can be googled is not the true name. But there you have the short version; someday I may podcast serialize the long one.

  4. My dear Michaelangelo,

    Your words dance delightfully in a part of the mind where the time of day is always at dusk. Tempted to follow suit, I choose meaning over metaphor.

    “Person’s nose” or “parson’s nose”? The later is London slang for “turkey’s arse”. Which I revealed in last Sunday’s online group event “Bringing Together and Falling Apart: The Family Living Inside You This Christmas” which, now that I think of it, has evocations of the table scene from your Shrimpimp music video. Please provide a link.

    Questions about the disappearance and possible reappearance of Jake should be addressed to Messr. Horlsey. Your oleatoric olfactory has sniffed out an interesting story.


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