The Liminalist # 38.5: Lawn of the Dead (with Mark Lawn)


Special Day of the Dead conversation with Mark Lawn, on a swimming pool of regret, the grieving process, the inexorability of death, death as the stakes, the difficulty of self-expression, experiencing the transmission, regret on the other side, the legacy of the ancestors, when love turns to regret, desensitization, 1000 opportunities, enclosed in disinformation, losing the magic, a shamanic persona, the seed that goes into the earth, false fruit, the real shamanic journey, articulation and taste, the prime source, alertness, regret as a shield for grief, resurrecting the dead, the name of the game, dawn of the dead, how to use a spa, self-recycling, what the dead see, the other side of life, looking back over one’s life, imaginary problems of the past, recontextualizing the past from the soul’s POV, the presence of the dead, survival instincts of deep-sea creatures, the secret of heaven, two dreams of disembodiment, the spectrum of what it’s like to die, craving a body, the body of consciousness, archangels and zombies, ideological slaves, GMO & DNA, a point of acceptance.

Mark’s Art

Mark Lawn in Nobody’s Army

Nothing to Hide

Songs: “It Came Out of the Mountain,” “The Moon is On the March,” by The Builders & the Butchers; “Factories,” by Paper Navy.

3 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 38.5: Lawn of the Dead (with Mark Lawn)”

  1. am catching up on my listening pleasure, so don’t laugh, i’m on a roll or a biscuit or something.
    just wanted to say i found this beautiful. what a talented artist, and the films, nothing to Hide, and Nobody’s Army were right on the cusp. maybe even a prerequisite for the liminally challenged?


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