The Liminalist 41.5: Blind Love (with Miracle Jones)


Part two of conversation with Miracle Jones, on Rudolph Steiner, Lucifer and the gift of the imagination, imagining the implicate order, uncovering reality and healing, turning fiction into a system, American culture, Harry Potter,  mirror neurons and writing, P. K. Dick and amphetamines, the intimacy of books, how Jasun met his wife, Dream’s End, marriage stories, taking credit for the crucifixion, Sebastian & Jasun’s NDE, Guatemalan shamantics, hubris again, heavy psychedelic use, total enlightenment and recurring damnation, the hardship of relationship, a credit-free marriage, eroding the barrier between self and other, space and togetherness, why so many marriages becomes sex-free zones, abandoned by illusions, erosion of self in the crucible of marriage, the third self, TV shows and marriage, the accumulation of blame, horses running parallel, being god-facing, bringing the autist to the fore, taking the label of autism, average alienation, commodifying weirdness, what’s in a name, living without a phone in the land of phones, the increased desire for total control, Twitter and the business model of dialogue, liminalist conversations.

Songs: “El Mariachi”  and “Monkey Said,” by The Freak Fandango Orchestra;  “Three Waves” by Dan Hanrahan; “New York Doll,” by Robyn Hitchcock

17 thoughts on “The Liminalist 41.5: Blind Love (with Miracle Jones)”

  1. There’s a cosmic alignment with this interview. I guess a more pithy reflection of an earlier comment I made, is I want to know more about Jasun. He’s invariably far more interesting than his guest conversationalists. I think your wife interviewing you would be a gem to listen to. Just ideas.

    • That could be a sign of my own narcissism. The aim is, or ought to be, to draw out each co-host to express their own uniqueness. Unless I just happen to be the most interesting person in the Universe. Actually the aim is for a third thing that blurs the line between I & the other. But I hear your request & will pass it on.

  2. Wrong place to post?
    However. best of luck, break a leg and all the best for the workshop thingy bob coming up.
    Hoping some material from the thingy bob will be available for download.
    Make sure all batteries are charged, carry spares if poss.

  3. really enjoyed this conversational turn, simultaneously energetic as well as laid back.
    lest i also be perceived as weird, was taken by ‘the bringer of light’ imagery, the title, ‘blind love’, the ‘miracle jones’ pseudonym, the unfamiliar term,’god-facing’, and the visual of miracle staring at a blank screen til you gave him video. kept going to ‘oracle’ for some reason.
    this could be singular on my part, or reflective of forethought or mindset, in any case i’m off to look up god-facing.

  4. Hoping that it was the thought that counted then, now it’s all in the past.Thanks for the last slew of shows, I’m still rockin since ballon guy.
    Here’s to episode 42.

  5. good grief horsely!
    a veritable quest to be sure. i will trust my instincts on this one, and just thank you for the thought provoking expression.
    can’t say as i’ve ever had to articulate this before.
    in approaching the Other with humility, with a willingness to appear vulnerable in the midst of our human frailty, and a willingness to recognize the divine in the Other, would we not be god facing in any relationship?

  6. dear god, man, let me attempt to restore my former weasley good graces lest this be known heretofore as the forename debacle,
    forenames are not to be misconstrued as derogatory appellations; au contraire, they are used as an expression of endearment, a deliberate recognition of one’s ancestral name.
    besides, in olden days of yore, the calling out the door of one forename as opposed to all and sundry first names guaranteed the timely arrival of at least three or four of the brood for any given meal.

  7. Listening to this podcast made me realize I bought my iphone back when I was 18 only for the reason that I realized when my friends left the club/bar for a smoke break/piss break I probably looked like a loner sitting there trying my best not to look at anyone around me.

    So I bought a 600 dollar miniature computer so I wouldn’t look out of place…


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