The Liminalist # 43: There Is No Other (Shadow Work Shop)


First part of an edited recording of “No Such Things As a Lightworker” Shadow Work Shop with Jasun Horsley in Vancouver, BC, November 21st, 2016, starting in the darkness, what we know, this is not a performance, one among eleven, our reasons for being here, finding our place in reality, it doesn’t get weird enough, wading past the woo, remembering names, challenging what we know, social anxiety, the different levels of awareness, why are we here, the importance of authentic self-expression, what is liminalism, letting go of knowledge, organic torture, giving form to chaos-information, predetermined action from the Big Bang, the storyteller, a purpose that transcends, the challenge of expression, radical change, this is not a self-help group, the ego is the strongest voice, dancing cells, the body and the mind, the wonder and the terror of being here, there is no other.

Songs: “El Mariachi”  and “Monkey Said,” by The Freak Fandango Orchestra; “Season of the Witch” by Donovon; “Go to the Bank,” by James; “Our Lips Are Sealed,” by FunBoy Three. 

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  1. — our reasons for being here —

    Heinz von Foerster: So all that is relevant is how interesting is the story that someone invents to explain the origins of the universe. … There is a struggle between two or three or even ten different poets. Who can invent a funny, amusing or interesting story so that everyone immediately thinks: “That’s what must have happened!”


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