The Liminalist # 216: Joker in the Pack (with Gib Strange)

Return conversation with Gib Strange on increased liminality, identity politics, and the unintentional embodiment of the trickster.

Part One: The Unsmooth Criminal (0 – 27 mins)

Seeing The Joker, the aesthetic layer, Joaquin Phoenix’s performance, a scientifically designed movie, a hybrid movie, a split in the character, a low bar of expectation, Batman’s sociopathic parents, Tell Me Who I Am, kill the rich, a poke in the eye to woke culture, an accidental hero-leader of the revolution, deciphering the ideological slant, a wrench in the system, the spirit of anarchy, Joker-psyop, police at the premiere, Crispin Glover on Letterman, the smooth criminal.

Part Two: The Futility of Rhetorical Revolt (27 mins – 59 mins)

Mimesis & copycat killings, Bernard Goetz killings & The Joker, the Hinckley, Jr., Taxi Driver, revolution & transgression, Bataille, shooting into crowd, avant-garde violence, proactive nihilism, defying social reality, the Zodiac killings, baiting the press, mass shooters, Kaczynski’s manifesto, Woody Allen’s cover, rationalizations for terrorism, peaceful protest as a ruse of social engineering, the extinction rebellion, the Weather Underground, the Unabomber, environmentalist Bond villains, rhetorical revolt, the Occupy movement, undirected rage, activist frustration, bad government and bad parenting, false politicization, the wrong facts, the failure of participatory democracy, democracy of the internet, the shadow of populism, Trump’s platform, Brexit, the demon Trump, the trickster, the leaders we deserve.

Part Three: The Deep Human State (59 mins – 1 hr 23 mins)

The power of narratives to transport us, the shadow dyad, the desire for the Batman, the unofficial arm of justice of the deep state, antifa in Portland, Joker as revolutionary force, Fassbender on capitalism & terrorism, the deep human state, taboo & body mutilation, virtue signaling, the splintering of LGBT, Temple of Satan, freedom of expression & taboo-breaking, internal tensions, the basic trauma, the Black Dahlia & the Chelsea grin, Tell Me Who I Am, Joker’s trauma & body dysphoria, gay marriage, taboo & progressiveness, accelerated progression, embodying the liminality, entering the uncanny valley,

Part Four: Navigating Chaos (1 hr 23 mins – end)

Rites of passage, establishing of identity, circumcision, the unified Jewish identity, born into the global village, identifying with marginal culture, connecting to the eternal, socially accepted forms of rebellion, seeking a sense of continuity, the Burning Man ethic, the opposite of primitive, the bride of Christ, collective humanity, scientism & physicality, a hyper-object, the internet of things, every grain of sand, a virtual infinity, a time of chaos, a tolerance threshold for chaos, Phil Snyder’s GAP, heroes, psychos, & clowns.

Outtakes: Taxi Driver, King of Comedy, & What It Takes to Enter the Big Time

Outtakes: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 20:07 — 12.8MB)

Gib’s latest episode of Notes from Uncanny Valley

Songs: “Pirates” by Entertainment for the Braindead; “Devil Overcoat” & “Change” by Short Hand; “Song of the Lost” by Griefbirds.

3 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 216: Joker in the Pack (with Gib Strange)”

  1. I listened to this episode because I love when you have Gib on. I wasn’t going to comment but I just can’t believe the statement you Jasun, made around 40 minutes in about protesting not working or people never getting what they demand from the powers that be. What an incredibly ignorant thing to say. Only an unbelievably poor student of history would say that, or someone interested in deliberating distorting the facts to convince others that protesting is useless. You are either a propaganda mouthpiece for the elite you claim to detest or have literally not watched any international news for the last year OR read ANY history, AND come from a place of such privilege that you’ve never had to fight for anything you have. Congratulations. Your constant trash talking about people who actually do something to make the world better so people like you can even exist is tiring. Continue to enjoy all the things others fought hard so you can sit back and shit talk. I’m done, and I’m out!

    • you never know what’s going to trigger someone’s emotional issues; now you’ve passed on the “charge” – maybe you feel better! Not especially helpful to anyone else, however.


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