2 New Articles from Seen & Not Seen, Pauline Kael Doc, & 2 New Interviews

I have reworked and pared down two chapters from Seen & Not Seen for publication at the independent film site Cinephilia & Beyond:

Getting Lost at the Movies with Pauline Kael


Kael Kael Bang Bang: The Pauline Kael-Clint Eastwood Secret Wars

These turned out to have timed quite well with a recently completed documentary about Kael, What She Said, which is currently looking for finishing funds. You can help it find its way to you via a crowd-funding campaign.

Two new interviews I did last week, on Seen & Not Seen & Prisoner of Infinity:

Download option:

This one begins with a discussion of Seen & Not Seen, identity formation, cultural role models such as Clint Eastwood, and an unusally frank analysis of the erotic appeal of cinematic depictions of violence, specifically those against women, & its roots in maternal psychic enmeshment. I consider this one of the most significant, and largely overlooked, areas of psycho-social research (think how it could deepen and radically re-contextualize the #MeeToo movement).

The second hour of the talk explores my shift from movie “autism” to the occult-shamanic pursuit of knowledge, tracing a common thread of self-empowerment-fantasy between the two interests. From there we get into organized abuse, traumagenesis, and the Hollywood power structures, Michael Jackson, ideology vs. truth, and the role of the artist in human society.

Then there’s:

End of the Road podcast # 78, discussing Prisoner of Infinity 

A lively talk with Michael Kokal about trauma & the spiritual path to a fully embodied life.

6 thoughts on “2 New Articles from Seen & Not Seen, Pauline Kael Doc, & 2 New Interviews”

  1. LoL, that’s a great picture of Dan. Oshana could cut an album titled “Part Time Gurus” maybe. Gib Strange could produce it.

    Got about 50 pages left in Vice of Kings, a very interesting work indeed. The weighty subject matter and research aside, you have an excellent prose style. Just getting into your work. Look forward to reading the rest of your body of work. Also, the podcasts are great.

  2. Thanks Jasun! Really enjoyed the end of the road -interview. I started to listen through your podcast -archive this spring and have been enjoying it a lot. But all of the time there has been this growing, nagging sense in the back of my head of”ok, ok, but when is he going to get into the good stuff?”

    In this interview my long wait was rewarded!

  3. I think there was a sense of integration. You really understanding yourself and where you come from. To a greater depth, I mean. I think the guy who did the interview had also a talent of setting the space in a special way. As a listener, I’m excited what’s next. 🙂


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