The Liminalist 206: Loving Our True Nature (with Martin Jolly)

Return conversation with Martin Jolly, on knowing Dave Oshana, the long, hard road to authenticity of a soul lost in a world of false identities, the true nature of the body (& the mind), and the unnecessary aspect of suffering. 

Part One: An Unquenchable Vibration (0 – 36 mins)

Extending an invitation, what Dave does, knowing Dave, a feeling of rightness, a sense of lacking, triggering a remembrance, trying narcissism, giving up the quest, a dream of greater reality, trying to sing, letting the song happen, the craft of not-intending, grasping after the good, the sweet spot of the voice, loving our true nature, social enlightenment, big movements, pushing past inhibitions, getting it wrong, broadening the connection, communicating intent, facilitating expansion, freeing the parts that are locked down, true selves and personas, a natural resonance, a tuning fork, asking the wrong questions.

Part Two: Our Imaginary Self (36 mins – 1 hr 8 mins)

A unified body, an emerging series of sensations, passing through physicality, grasping at God, the wrong kind of immortality, the body as cultural container, pseudo-spirituality, imaginal aspects of the body, the false awareness of thinking, an internal camera, what imagination is, a non-physical body, the life of dreams, an artificial partition, the misuse of imagination, an interiorized image of the body, a matrix of mind, an internalized narrative, grasping at sensation, how thoughts hook us, the promise of meaning, a premature enlightenment, micro-perceptions, early identity development, a sense of boundaries, the tantrum years, pressure of the world, Dave’s many facets, lying to tell the truth

Part Three: Approaching Wholeness (1 hr 8 mins – 1 hr 33 mins)

Stimulating the false identity, Clark Kent/Superman syndrome, talking to the true self, giving the answer, the seduction of satsang, a changing view of enlightenment, heaven-driven egos, volunteering for dissolution, a developmental curve, approaching wholeness, spiritual seekers, the idea of being right, reducing to things, the second-order error of mind, ideas of soul, temporal & non-temporal, perception of death, the unnecessity of suffering, death as an issue, the mind & damnation, not what we expected.

Part Four: A Hidden Continent (1 hr 33 mins – end)

Energy work, losing worries, experiences in the body, dream sensations, bringing parts together, the dream body, another dimension, Carlos Castaneda & the conceptual imagery of sorcery, meeting of true selves, what the sock puppets are saying, the splinter in the brain, restless in the mind, the seed of interest, meeting Dave, a glimpse of life outside the mind, the ability of enjoyment, children’s innocence, the irony of the mind, gurus who make us feel worthless, relinquishing isolation, what’s different about Dave, a collective opportunity, a protruding land mass, the brightest star, everything has transmission, sharing love.

Dave Oshana in London: July 25th, 7 pm, Haldane Room, & July 28th, 12 pm, contact Dave to book.

Songs: “Knob Wobbler,” by Gib Strange; “Purple” by Crustation; “A Prayer” by Madeleine Peyroux;  “Factories,” by Paper Navy; “These Words” by Hazelwood Motel.


11 thoughts on “The Liminalist 206: Loving Our True Nature (with Martin Jolly)”

  1. Particularly liked the compare/contrast of two participants involved in the same phenomena but having two different experiences, presentations and responses. Waiting to see if your audience understood what was going on.

  2. I must admit, a lot of the back and forth concerning Dave O. gets confusing, but that probably has to do with having only a surface familiarity with his work.

    Nevertheless, I found the conversation mesmerizing. Even more so the podcasts between you and Dave. I love this notion of the “enlightenment transmission” though. Clearly Dave’s got something deep going on; he seems a little intimidating though, as if he doesn’t suffer fools gladly.

    Just starting Seen and Unseen. A lot to unpack, so I don’t want to offer my thoughts until I’ve gotten through more of it. But I’m enjoying it. I feel strange saying I find your work entertaining given the subject matters, but I do.

  3. P.S. I forgot, if we could get some literary diarrhea from Jan Irvin on this thread, I’d be ever so grateful (Just kidding). Sweet dreams.

  4. When you were studying the occult, did you ever spend time in a Gurdjieff Group? I don’t know if I’ve ever heard you mention Gurdjieff, but your comments on embodiment are always very reminiscent of the methods of the Work (as they call it), which is completely centered around embodiment.

    • Never; Whitley did tho. I was never interested in G.I, and much less when I heard that after his death, in the autopsy, his internal organs were found to be rotted away, as one would expect of a Vampyr.

      Unconfirmed rumor, naturally.

  5. I finally found time to listen to the whole podcast and found it exceptionally perceptive, useful and well-worded. It could be the missing link for those lost in word spaghetti but desiring to escape its pull.

  6. This was a great podcast to come back to. Since I haven’t had time to listen to Jasun’s talks lately.

    Both of you seemed to bring up subjects that many seem to go around in circles with and never find solid ground.

    Some of it, I couldn’t wrap my head around. But that’s ok, lots of takeaways from this.

    Hope this happens more. You two riff off of each other very well.


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