Ancestral Abduction: How to Survive It (+ Let’s Talk About the War podcast)

Let’s Talk About the War: Last hour of recent Guy-Dance Meet, with Jasun, Simon G, Cedomir, & Simon J. See video below for summation/condensation of topics. Songs: “Primitive” by Joy Zipper; “Stripped” by Shana Falana; “Tomorrow” by Absent City.


If the last Dave Oshana Sunday event-but-one (Game of Ancestors) felt like one of the worst I’d attended, this Sunday’s (The Final Conflict: Genes vs Memes: Ancestors vs Identities) was definitely one of the best.

The two may be complementary, in a yin-yang sort of way. Last week was the painful and tension-building process of the sling-shot drawing back; today was the release, the stone flying straight into the slot of the death star identity.

Or, to continue the analogy Dave used today, maybe last week was him struggling to get on the board as the wave approached, making today the awesome and inspiring sight of him surfing it, against all the odds?

Lesson: You can’t have release without a struggle.[41]  As Jacob who wrestled the angel well knew.[10]

[The numbers refer to, and hyperlink down to, 44 + 1 koans Dave O shared in the event description. (44 is a number associated with blood, see here, and here.) Dave has described the description as stream of consciousness and a work of art; if so, it is still in progress, making the current post a sort of ancestrally inspired mating response to the call of word & text, an “interactive communicative art form” as already observed in Dave’s most recent comment.]

Towards the end of the event, Dave said don’t confuse indignation with inspiration;[13] but perhaps sometimes we need to get past our indignation to receive the inspiration?[21]

The identity is nothing if not indignant; that’s its first and last line of resistance.[38] But the ancestral influences ideally are there to inspire us, if we let them.[2]

There’s really no greater feeling than being carried by that wave,[3] to be released from the inhibitory struggle of the identity[12] to maintain its wall of indignation, resentment, and denial.[4]

Is this ancestral abduction, those cosmic forces that creep into our rooms while we sleep at night, that cannot be denied?[31]

Have we dressed them up not only as demons[28] but as angels and aliens?[22] Anything to prevent the pennies dropping from our eyes so we might see that we are adrift in Hades?[34]

That ancestors ‘R’ us?[6] That there is no disconnect or discretion possible?[8] That we are only the latest iteration of an inchoate cry for justice, satisfaction, and release?[24]

The talk has finally come down to the blood of an Englishman as the only route to freedom from fiefdom.[5]

The iron in the blood is what creates a magnetic field around the body. [37]  Its even distribution allows for the integrity of that field,[7] and for the harmonious interface and connection with the other magnetic fields around us[20]—and with existence at large.[33]

The identity is the tin foil hat we cobble together in our paranoia to keep out the cosmic rays of the ancestors.[15] By trying to prevent the mind control waves and malevolent aliens of our identity’s imagination,[27] we block the essential information stream that can guide us to our essence.[16]

Only by unpacking all the ancient trauma packages can we access our delivery drop-off points[29] and complete our mission.[45]

The identity is the party in our minds that never stops.[23]

When I try to analyze Dave—or anyone that enters my awareness field—I have to recruit the identity to do so.[40] I thereby grant it continued jurisdiction over my senses and awareness.[42]

Is it worth the cost?[35]  Is this just a pretext for blocking the ancestral influences[11] and reinforcing the illusion of existing independently of them[25]—thereby denying life itself?[36]

The strategy has created a false world.[19] Christians call it “this world,”[39] but it’s really the otherworldly state of disembodiment[26]: a Bardo realm where we count the aliens on the heads of our pins.[43] It is an identity police state[14] in which the inmates have become the guards.[9]

In contrast, when the ancestors move us, we may feel the celebratory guidance and primal joy—the simplicity of motion, of magnetism in the blood[18]—that brings the sexes together and that moves the planets and the stars.[17]

True, that sometimes it causes fatal collisions with one another.[44]  But knots can’t be unraveled without some discomfort, strain, or pressure.[30]

To open the ancestral senses is to allow for apperception to happen.[32]  There is no art without noticing what is outside the mind, the identity, and the ordinary senses.[1]


Dave’s 44 points (+ one free)

[1]      zooming out from the distracting details, refusing to get distracted

[2]      seeing the drives behind the lives

[3]      the ancestral impulse for life

[4]      the ancestral life force and the opposing force

[5]      ancestral tribe conflicts

[6]      being a conduction rod

[7]      fixing society by uncoupling unconscious influences

[8]      the real reason why anyone does anything

[9]      double and triple agendas

[10]    marking the intention

[11]     who really calls the shots?

[12]    the dynamic interplay of agendas

[13]    not seeing, hearing or speaking it—3 monkeys

[14]    the gag order

[15]    complicity in cover-up—no side wants to know—every side is opposed

[16]    father forgive them for they know what they do

[17]    (y)our father who art in heaven /obi wan Kenobi—becoming the force to reveal it

[18]    the mother energy

[19]    culture—obscuring the lens—look the other way

[20]    reading participants—counting cards—the casino’s system

[21]    larger forces—the animals’ watering hole convention

[22]    the gods and little man

[23]    gender confusion—evading the mark of Cain—you can run but you can’t hide

[24]    what is a person? what is a drive?

[25]    over-simplification of human

[26]    when human is not human but misdirection

[27]    philosophy as look the other way, politics as the brand of philosophy

[28]    smooth talking serpents with legs

[29]    hidden symbols

[30]    insanity, where reality breaks through

[31]    you can’t understand this, but you ought to try

[32]    insanity, seeing behind the curtain and taking the chill-pill to “re-integrate” into disintegration

[33]    spanking the monkey—striking the rod—separating the red sea—raising the fist to god (Moses)

[34]    you shall not pass (enter the promised land)

[35]    hip dislocations—hipsters, unrooted, angry angels

[36]    subverting the natural order

[37]    cultural confluences and recycled yesteryear effluents

[38]   the shite flows up stream or down? god dam and the break down of negotiations

[39]   you shall not approach—the status of babel’s towers

[40]   misdirection is innuendo

[41]    burnt offerings and roasted highpriests

[42]    arguing with god, true and false ones

[43]    worshiping false ideals

[44]    symbols that clang loud and sim-balls

[45]    put away your notebooks they won’t help you survive


The next Dave Oshana online event is Into the Ancestral Whirlpool

20 thoughts on “Ancestral Abduction: How to Survive It (+ Let’s Talk About the War podcast)”

  1. Using the mind to unravel the mind can be a job for life. Bioenergetics breaks up the source material of separation at a physical level. You just deal with the organ grinder and leave the monkey to do it’s thing.

  2. Some kind of savant test to find the true Auties?

    It would be much easier to attend the replay of said event, the finest ever ‘The Final Conflict: Genes vs Memes: Ancestors vs Identities: Always Living vs Never Lived’? even if it is a bodypunch to the intellectual nuts (nota JaHo, not the actual family jewels).

    This is the best chance for Transmission virgins and wannabees to wet their ancestral pants.

    Next replay in about 2.5 hours:

    At least 3 more scheduled this week (at time of writing)

      • It means that the demand for assisted enlightenment is forever

        And it isn’t a koan because I explained it

        the point of a koan (“What is the sound of one hand clapping?”) is the meditation that results from the dynamic of trying to solve the riddle OSTENSIBLY contained in its composition

        • nothing is forever; and a plumber who trains his clients to fix pipes their own while fixing them is acknowledging his own built-in obsolescence, and that self-reliance (true autonomy) is the essence of enlightenment.

          Unfortunately there are multi-generational amounts of shit backed up.

          • our last plumber was an hour late and couldn’t find the leak under our sink

            relying on on paid medical professionals operating with autonomy almost got my firstborn son killed in labor and left him disabled

            I guess I’m a hard sell

          • fortunately there are some laughs there in the ghetto, tho your second line follows comedy with tragedy

            the devil is in the details; plumbers, doctors, and spiritual teachers – in whatever field the odds are against finding a good one

  3. I’ve had a dislike/forboding/fear of number 4 for a couple of decades, until not too long ago. So, a 44 would be deeply disturbing, more so than 8. The odd 2 would be fine, but 22 or especially 22:22 hours would be unnerving. Never really know why except that it reminded me of a square which, apparently, bothers me. It was never a conscious decision. However, I did collect reasons to continue to fear it, eg. the Mandarin pronounciation for the number supposedly sounds like the word death.

  4. How about 0’s and 1’s? I’d say they’re equally as terrifying when we connect concepts such as dwaita/advaita, don’t get me started on these triads (identity, ancestors, ……..) But most of all is this proliferation of Pythagoras, what a bastard, he would spend 2 days in isolation chamber of his own making.

  5. “Arming up with an AK-47 rifle to defend the Oshana complex from sjw Invaders”.
    That was funny, seems Dave isn’t the only one who can tell a good joke.
    The good music had some special-effects help from Ced’s internet, he sounded like he was speaking from a SPACE ship. Considering the topic was WAR, it made for an interesting experience.

  6. The iron in the blood creates a magnetic field (37) ….. agreed…….I wonder about people who have poor circulation……sounds moribund.
    Has anyone heard of the concept of there being a fourth phase of water? the heart is not a pump? the body made of 90 percent water doesn’t gush water when it is cut open?
    the fourth phase is gel, essential for life.
    (Dr. Thomas Cowan) a heart specialist and author.
    The six feet apart (rule) disconnects us from the field of life.
    just one more crime against humanity.
    thank you, everyone.


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