The Liminalist # 268: Angels in the Sandbox (with Eileen Meyer)

Conversation with Eileen Meyer on encounters with presence, inner & outer, choosing love over fear, trauma & the divine, the natural way & the body as instrument of existence.

Part One: An Upside-Down Life (0 – 24 mins)

Weaving words, Prisoner of Infinity, stripping away belief, babies & bathwater, Whitley Strieber, the element of trauma, Eileen’s experience, childhood awareness, an upside-down life, angels in the sandbox, a magical kingdom, a sense of more, integrated presence, the beginning of contraction, losing connection to the natural world.

Part Two: Between Love and Fear (24 mins – 1 hr 3 mins)

The fear component, the distance between natural & unnatural states, high-vibrational intelligence, from body terror to communion, a universal language, May 1991, top secret clearance, waking into terror, choosing between love and fear, floating through glass, downloads of data, imag-ing the ET, grasping for definitions, escaping the unknown, pick your narrative, categories & dismissals, signing up for Strieber-land, transcendence and trauma, cosmic bypassing, a DMT encounter, restoration of consciousness, shattered worldview, a new way of being.

Part Three: Inner Markers (1 hr 3 – 1 hr 40 mins)

Psychedelics, the outside & the inside, DMT & pure expansion, from No to Yes, sex & knowledge, when other forces intervene, Jung & the Red Book, aspects of the self, hooks in trauma, healing the chasm, a time of collective fear, inner markers, forks in the road, memories of abuse, trauma work, brain-spotting, the body as instrument, music of communion, Dave Oshana & how the eyes have it, talking Pluto, potential in landscapes, trauma & the divine, human interference & angelic presence.

Part Four: The Traction of the Real (1 hr 40 mins – end)

Prodded into awakening, the full spectrum of consciousness, Mayan science, in-between worlds, off the rails, trajectories in a fog, withdrawing attention from the theater of the world, reifying dialogues, fear of embodiment, concepts vs. felt sense, the traction of the real, castles in the sky, incarnating infinity, Whitley’s family dynamics, camp identity, a deeper inquiry, an emotional awareness tool, speaking as atunement, the information of emotions, call & response, the job of the identity, a false foundation, transhuman tech, sentient technology, the challenge of nature, the need for They, reintegrating the gods, filled up with oneself, conscious conversation.

Eileen’s site

Songs: “The Power of AW” & “Chasing Time” by Joy Zipper; two songs by Bloodgroup; “Second Time” by Eileen Meyer.

31 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 268: Angels in the Sandbox (with Eileen Meyer)”

  1. This is great! Thank you both for bringing this forth.

    Eileen’s grounded illustrative testimony is just what I ordered from the cosmos. : )
    I have the out there bit, the inner knowing – truth in paradox, out there = inner knowing –
    from a very similar but bit shorter lifetime of experiences; early childhood”dialogues”, obes and Kundalini awakening,, that also feels like multiple lifetimes.

    The embodiment of these experiences is a huge task and one that I am really wrestling with it.
    It is especially noticeable when speaking. This week I reached my brick wall. Peak panic on the Dave event yesterday!
    This morning I get this super helpful practical explanation of what is needed how to get practiced in getting the body to tell the truth.

    Jasun, interesting synchronicity where you relate Eileen’s words …how that now some of us have stopped paying attention to the reality theatre it disintegrates.. is almost exactly how I explained my take on the current reality unfolding with Michele after you left AG on Friday. I used the words the glue has gone out of it

    Jasun this platform is proof of what Eileen describes co creating new timelines for us and others to meet our potentials.

    • “Peak panic on the Dave event yesterday! [Then] This morning I get this super helpful practical explanation of what is needed how to get practiced in getting the body to tell the truth. ”

      Centrifuging an expression from MMA (where “mixed” has only one meaning) through the feminine lens, we get the apposite apropos “pound, then ground” (the Auti-ET/ET-Auti men’s group will figure it).

  2. I did not state it above for me trauma underpins these experiences which needs to be embodied along with the new awareness gained from afar. Perhaps the trauma is so extreme it triggers a yellow brick road type of journey to bring us home to the body and this is filled with snares and diversions. It is a long spiral path to becoming grounded.

  3. Thank you for the conversation.
    Here is my vague understanding…

    I agree with the notion that most of us are traumatized in this society — i have the feeling that something is supposed to happen when we’re adolescents in terms of being initiated into various things that are essential for human well-being, and to a lesser or greater extent it simply doesnt happen for us. Obvs there is a spectrum between this kind of trauma and extreme trauma from childhood abuse, etc. But it all leads to disassociation because if we can’t find healthy connections/relationships in our immediate (outer) environment we will go looking for it wherever we can, including our imagination / other dimensions as a last resort — some of the things we find as a result are “real” some not, some a mixture of both, either way we can connect to them, even in a deep and meaningful way.
    Connections made in this way tend to be unstable (but not always). Even if the phenomena we connect to is “real” the connection itself maybe unstable/ungrounded (generally because of the conditions within which the connection was forged), so ultimately we may be let down (with an associated spectrum of drama) and the basic need for strong connections remains unsatisifed — perpetuating the trauma. I’m open to the notion that there is an inner kind of connection available to us which is potential fully stable and grounded and won’t let us down — what we might be connecting to I’m not sure but it’s that thing that is within and without, and is pure (could call it the life-force or “source”)… particularly in the situation we find ourselves in, it makes a lot of sense to make a good connection with this inner source to give us at least one stable/reliable connection that can be used as a supporting bolster for the building and maintaining of our outer connections.
    Perhaps people who have suffered more acute trauma are often quickened into the forging of a healthy connection with this inner by necessity (again it’s a spectrum)? After all, everything naturally moves towards wholeness given half a chance…

    “Nature” is obviously another very dependable phenomena that we can connect to and have a deep and meaningful relationship with (it’s not so easy though sometimes — she has her own agenda that we have to listen to in order to really connect (which used to be taken for granted)…

  4. “i have the feeling that something is supposed to happen when we’re adolescents in terms of being initiated into various things that are essential for human well-being, and to a lesser or greater extent it simply doesnt happen for us.”

    I agree, as it seems to me most people are still adolescents, despite decades of living. When I get together with my long time friends they revert to being 15 years old. They even still tell the same jokes. I wonder to myself, “Haven’t you guys matured at all!” It’s like going into a time warp. I find most people, although aged, have not matured much out of adolescence, if at all. It becomes most apparent by their values.

  5. So, you are basically completely avoiding answering your own inquiry to me, and my returning the inquiry to you as to “Who determines the high valued body language maturity badge?”

    I am more interested in the spirit that is avoiding it’s own manipulative question so it can place itself in a position of “spiritual” authority. So I’ll ask again, “Who, or what, is it that determines the value of body language being above moral reasoning?” What if a person had a bad meal, or stubbed their toe and it affected their “body language”? Would those consequences to the body give you insight into a person’s “spiritual nature”, or insight into what the ancestor spirits are telling you? Just doing some constructive exploration.

    • I have no choice but to let this through since a dialogue is underway; however, it’s probably an opportunity to clarify a couple of things both for ZF and neutral observers. As ZF knows, he frequently comments here but I usually don’t let them through; this is because they almost invariably include Christian agitprop, to the effect of “accept Jesus and be saved.” Since this isn’t a Christian website, such comments are not so different from ones designed to sell erectile dysfunction cures; add to that the fact that ZF & I got nowhere very slowly even in private email discussion, and his reasons for posting here are less than clear to me. They seem to be part of his “mission,” which perhaps includes other websites, making this one just a stop on his way to a full score card with which to access the afterlife.

      I already know he has a problem with Dave & have no desire to oversee a battle of the soul-savers; since Dave started the conversation however I am making a temporary exception. I already predict that it will be a waste of everyone’s time but will be happy to be proven wrong. However, ZF is on permanent moderation, and if comments increase in snark then they will no longer appear before the general observer’s eye.

    • “So, you are basically completely avoiding answering your own inquiry to me, and my returning the inquiry to you as to “Who determines the high valued body language maturity badge?””

      Not exactly. I am curious about your mood because it will likely worsen if I engage you in the manner than you have set up, especially since your copy-cat question is ill-formed, indicating that you misunderstood my original point, which possibly contributed to your sharp attitude. I liked your point about adults who are stuck repeating teenage jokes and added my own subtle observation which could have opened up a new discussion. “Maturity” is rarely applied to “people” as anything objective but rather as a badge of social conformity. What say you?

  6. Dave and Jasun,

    My copy-cat questioning is not ill-formed as you try to invalidate it. It clearly shows that you will not answer the same type of questions that you pose to others, revealing the classic hypocritical double standard guru situation, following an invisible script that you are unconscious of. Do you think you are the only spiritual teacher who thought he was free from being deceived by the influences of the spiritual realm. They all think that. It’s 1000s of years old and still running strong.

    What was your “original point” that I missed?

    I have lots say to say, but it’s obvious it won’t be allowed by the moderator of this forum, who has invested a great deal in promoting your agenda. Dave, the Bible can enlighten you to your situation. Only Jesus can save you, but this might not be posted now because I mentioned it.

    On maturity as conforming: Any sincere Christian knows that following Jesus is the furthest thing you can get from social conformity. Most people, enlightened or otherwise, are conforming to the spirit of this world, even promoting it.

    This might be interpreted as “sharp” but I assure you I am calm as I type this, with zero hard feelings toward anyone. I can see how you would take it as such though.

    PS: Many of my posts have a lot of Christian evidence for what is going on spiritually in this world, but Jasun doesn’t let them through, as he said.

    To do this on other forums would take too much of my time.


    • Your copy-cat question was ill-formed because you didn’t understand that the question that you copied was subtly questioning the idea of authority. You seem to have presumed that it supported authority. Having learned that you are here ostensibly to preach, your hair-splitting secular-focused ad hominem campaign rage seems incongruous and raises doubts about your ability to fellowship and discern truth. How about some love time? Can the man incongruously and misleadingly named “Zen” stretch to that?

      • Hey Dave,

        “Your copy-cat question was ill-formed because you didn’t understand that the question that you copied was subtly questioning the idea of authority. You seem to have presumed that it supported authority.”

        Break it down so I can fully understand what you are trying to get at. Seems like a subtle power game/mind game to me.

        [moderator: the rest of the comment was removed due to its irrelevance, unnecessary provocation and superciliousness; except this bit:]

        I know this is not a Christian website, but it is a website for discovering the Truth, is it not?

        [mod: It is a website for communal interactions around the subjects being explored, not for relentless objections as an excuse for proselytizing on subjects not being discussed, by a lone wolf with no apparent interest in actually connecting to anyone here.]

        • “Break it down so I can fully understand what you are trying to get at.”

          @ “Zenfish”

          It opens to question the idea of what “maturity” is and whether there are objective measurements.

          BTW I would agree to removing this unending onerous off-topic correspondence from this delightful feminine-pod page. I invite you to meet me on Zoom. I want to see your message. Jasun is invited too. What’s your availability/time zone?

          • Zenfish declined this generous invitation for a face to face connection, demonstrating that his seemingly “Christian” desire to save our souls hides a more profane agenda (to leave his mark on this territory by raising his leg every now and then). All future ZF comments will automatically be sent to the phantom zone, where no eyes that see need be vexed by them. Sayonara ZF, your sincerity or honesty is no longer assumed.

          • Zenfish’s agenda on Auticulture was never clear. The hapless soul-saving Christian evangelist mirage was an extremely flimsy veneer that frequently collapsed, under the weight of his arrogance, to reveal something unwholesome. Such cases, like malformed creatures preserved in pickling jars, are worthy of study, but only for the strong stomached. <– Waxing loquacious after having a pre-pod chat with an especially colorful consciously comical shape-shifting character who Jasun chatted with in the summer.

  7. This dialogue between ZF and DO is rather interesting. Today I only just stumbled upon this comment thread after my brother, who’s rather pissed off with DO, informed me about it. He wants everyone to pile onto Dave but that’s missing the point of what Dave is doing.

    A couple of weeks ago I was thinking that ZF might be DO’s alias. It seems they have quite the connection- Haven’t read through all the lengthy comments yet. Also, I’ve only just started following Jasun’s work this past year so I’m not up to date with everyone in the community, and past dealings.

    Hare Krishna

    • are you projecting Tyler-Durdenism (DID syndrome) onto others Cam? How does this relate to your bro suggesting a Fight Club gang-up on DO? Is he your older brother? Is he channeling your own repressed violent id-entity?

      what’s with the ISKCON sign-off?

    • “A couple of weeks ago I was thinking that ZF might be DO’s alias. It seems they have quite the connection”

      Ah, Cam. Shafted! You got so uncomfortably close to the literal truth, that ZF was prematurely sent into blogging purgatory (with no hope of resurrection). Not sure have another year’s worth of fake dialogue can be reworked. Presumably evidence was manufactured years ago to sustain your tenuous position. Or are you ZF? The sudden use of sectarian Hinduism language to cover the faux-Christian tracks is a conspicuous giveaway.

  8. Sure, I accept the projection.
    Ill explain the projection like this. It’s clear to me Dave is a very smart individual and very perceptive. In order to help people, he must perform the guru role. Each of us has our talents it’s just when you lose a lot of your fears and holdings new talents open up, so maybe you only need to 4,000 hours and not 10,000. Take for example the white wizard wardrobe; no wonder people ‘hallucinate’ and see his face morph on a zoom meeting, particularly when they’ve been looking at a talking head cut out in whiteness for 3 hours, let alone without any audio communication, now I know what para-social might mean. Now before I go any further I’d like to mention for the neutral observer that I’m very much interested in continued participation at the Dave events, and by no means do I want to start a fight club unless we can get enough people together in Australia, and I definitely don’t want to be punched in the guts or head, so maybe it can be like a juijitsu type all for 1 brawl.

    Dave isn’t anyone until he starts playing Dave. If you’re consciously gonna play a role (hmm take note cameron) you best be damn sure the mask can be taken off in an instant. Dave wears the mask well.

    How this relates to my older brother who is in fact, I’m hardly smart enough to spin such a web of creation unless we want to play that non dual game, was rather perturbed and disturbed after I spun out from the second Dave event. Coincided with lack of sleep, breakup, abstinence, starvation, desperation, and then all of a sudden I was having kundalini stirrings and ‘channeling’ every other deity. Anyway, I moved back in with family just as lockdown was easing, with true lockdown just beginning. Prisoner of my own creation it seems.

    My bro put it like this, his revenge fantasy in seeing ZF call into question Dave’s MO was missing the ark. He revealed to me that piling onto Dave is basically scapegoating and he needs to get better at recognising that tendency in himself so he can account for his own shortcomings, ditto.

    As to channeling my own repressed violent ID, eh. Good little question to ponder although how to answer. I think he has enough ID content before he starts to channel mine.- Admittedly I was rather unnerved trying to work out Dave’s agenda, but that was simply me playing apposite as a way to continue interaction with Dave, when how could I forget the beautiful group zoom meetings, where Dave’s agenda couldn’t be clearer; goodness for the world.

    The Hare Krishna was bait. Just like above in the comments, that bait has brought to kind clearer reflection and service to this community of people that will read this, let alone my brother and three.

    Hari Om

    • thanks for the thought out response, Cameron; my comments to you were meant in a shoot-from-the-hip playful food-for-thought way, noticing odd little clues or possible clues in the story you were spinning. The main thing is that contemplation of these questions settle your nervous system, not further agitate it.

      OTOH, this particular sandbox does seem to be one for rough-housing. I wonder how Eileen feels, if she is paying attention, at how our talk has somehow attracted all of this guy-jostling that has nothing to do with the content of the conversation. In her neck of the cyber-forest, meanwhile, it inspired a piece called “The Goddess Changes Everything“?

  9. Just googled iskon. Jesus, Krishna, whatever, they are all figure heads for the divine. People outsource their own divinity and they will problems. Om is a great sound. Try bellowing it to the wind

    • Omgosh, reading my comment 4 or months ago today makes me weary of how some of my other postings will read 6 months down the line. A testament to everyday normalised insanity. I never played at zen fish

      Good luck in breaking the curse of discourse


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