Bodily Delight & Hollywood Vice, Infinity’s Prisoners, & Taking on the Satanists at Loch Ness (Latest Auticultural Updates)

Firstly, my super-relaxed and enjoyable conversation with Chris Snipes of The Melt is now up:

Jasun Horsley | Pt. 2 : Prisoner of Infinity

Next up, a conversation I did with Sarah Hart, after she saw me on Shaun Atwood. I haven’t listened back to all of this but my wife think it’s the best interview I have done so far. I recall it being unusually energized and lively, except for the first part, during which I was struggling to relax and move into The Flow. To avoid that, I suggest skipping the first few minutes, starting at 8:40.

There’s a certain joyful symmetry here, because the above is my first interview for a more “spiritual’ audience, in tandem with which, Dave Oshana did a podcast, via my recommendation, with Michael Kokal for The End of the Road:

Last up, and back to Hell again ~ something that was brought to my attention this morning by a couple of reader-listeners: it appears that The Vice of Kings has become a useful tool in a local struggle against Satanists/Crowleyites up North. (Relevance at last!)

Regarding 16 Maps of Hell, I am expecting the hard and soft back proofs by the end of the week, after which the printing should be underway, meaning that Halloween 2020 is still looking to be the release date. If you have pre-ordered the book, expect a more comprehensive update by email within the next few days.

Regarding my larger 2020 vision for relocating to Europe, expect updates and possibly on-the-ground video journals in the coming weeks.

5 thoughts on “Bodily Delight & Hollywood Vice, Infinity’s Prisoners, & Taking on the Satanists at Loch Ness (Latest Auticultural Updates)”

    • Hell ya!

      Funny to think I first heard Jasun what seem like many years ago interviewing Levenda with whom I was enamoured and so seeking new Levenda material. The interview was one of the best I had heard but for some reason didn’t look further at Jasun’s work, I guess I was just pursuing more Levenda at that time…. A few years latter Jasun popped up on Greg Moffit’s excellent Legalise Freedom dot com and I was hooked. How far I’ve come since then and great to see Jasun getting some recognition at last. Looking forward to 16 maps!

  1. On Taking on the Satanists at Loch Ness. Congratulations. Excellent tool, no doubt.
    Bodily Delight and Hollywood vice. Wouldn’t we all like to be beautiful forever? Probably. The movies, the silver screen, the power of the first block buster we ever saw. Right up there with the first pleasant sexual experience.
    Satanism and child sacrifice, close to home here. Soul destroying, at least that is the ultimate goal.
    Great works, Thank you.

  2. Hi Jasun, I’ve been reading your book seen and not seen. One thing that has struck me is how your brother’s path to fame reminds me a lot of Ozzy Osbourne. I used to read a lot of books about Ozzy and Sabbath and there are some striking parallels in how Ozzy was “prepared” for fame. London crime figures, poops in tiffany boxes, a sleazy girlfriend/manager etc. I could go on for ages typing about this as there are some really spooky things about his career and issues. Best wishes.


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