The Liminalist # 261: The Receding Horizon (with Liz Medina)

Conversation with Liz Medina

Part One: Oppressor & Oppressed (0 – 36 mins)

Angling for the mainstream, as things fall apart, protests in Chile, the dictatorship never ended, the covid crackdown, stuck in the 19th century, when the US got Latin-Americanized, the question of socialism, when things go massive, joining the Silo movement, Mario Rodríguez Cobos, month-long deconditioning retreats, Morris Berman & Jordan Peterson, Pablo Freire & The Pedagogy of the Oppressed, the dynamic between oppressor & oppressed, working and bonding with others, transformation through not-doing.

Part Two: The Search for Meaning (36 mins – 1 hr 6 mins)

Projecting onto authority, training the attention, the theory of reverie, magnetized by images, focused & unfocused awareness, the image of the mother’s body, a system of tension, a lonely point in space, Gurdjieff, the search for meaning, Seen and Not Seen, do fetuses dream, the difference between seeing & touch, the refuge of imagery, the matrix of movies, teeth & wounds, the space of representation, kinesthetics and synesthesia, the garden of earthly delights, two guys talking about consciousness, structuring perception towards meaning, mind-defined consciousness, upward vs downward, orders from awareness, intelligence centers of the body.

Part Three: Chopping Water & Carrying Wood (1 hr 2 mins – 1 hr 44 mins)

Dave Oshana, enlightenment & the false identity, when consciousness meets body awareness, the problem of the I, meeting the witness, trapped inside the washing machine, letting go of self-judgement, discovering ease, diverted awakenings, the spiritual marketplace, medium over the message, all the wrong moves, the receding horizon, disillusionment with the Silo movement, doing your own thing, when a group becomes a cult, the question of harm, external world & interior space of the body, between moralism and libertinism, objective humanity, the importance of good company, the goodness of nature, observation of aging, wasted on the young, a life without grudges, in the body but not of the body.

Part Four: Opening to the Invisible (1 hr 46 mins – end)

What the body is, 24/7 entertainment, Dave’s morphology, the world of sensations, relating to people vs. organs, how humans relate, what happens when we die, paranormal experiences, hungry ghosts & sorcery baggage, an unnecessary dichotomy, contact with the dead, a bored life, living with irrationality, opening to the invisible, bored or lonely, stories of the other side, falling in love with dead people, William Stead, Jose Martin’s seven sisters, a Cuban ancestor, a visit from an angel or a body memory, curiosity for the future, surrounded by mountains, “Little Johnny Golden Hands,” a dark master.

Portrait art by Martin Jolly

Songs: “Pirates” by Entertainment for the Braindead; “Anarchy in the UK” by Rabbit Island;  “Changes” by Short Hand.

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