Children of Job Substack + London Big Mother Launch

Back to the writing board, with a new angle. From mapping Hell to fathoming God, via our man in Nirvana, Job. Subscribe to Children of Job: Dark Encounters with Enlightenment.

NOTE: Substack take 10% of my earning for every subscription. To help me avoid this graft, to access the paid area, rather than doing so via Substack’s system, send a payment via PayPal (Jasun [at] proton mail dot com) “Gift family & friends,” or via Wise (email theseedling [at] proton). Include a message of what it is for (and/or let me know). I can then change your subscription to paid for the designated time. Subscription rates are 8 euro per month or 80 for the year. So we can both profit, for year subscription via PP, send only 75 euro, this way we are slitting the gains.

I will aim to post pieces weekly, and some sort of podcast action will be happening soon also.

In other news, there will be a Big Mother: The Technological Body of Evil launch in London, UK, on Friday Oct 13th, 2023, in Lambeth, at the Tea House: a dialogue with Nina Power, author of What Do Men Want (listen to my Liminalist talk with Nina here). It will be by donation.

To book a seat in advance, email me or send your donation via PP (Jasun [at] proton mail dot com) as “Gift to family & friends” to avoid fees, with a message of what it is for (and/or email me to let me know).

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