Seen & Not Seen: An Eight-Year Long Echo

This is a very long but amazingly insightful piece from John Cussans, author of Undead Uprising: Haiti, Horror and The Zombie Complex. If there was ever a SANS reissue (in some future alternate universe), it would make a great appendix. Similar, I imagine, to what I tried to do with Lethem’s work in SANS: a deep reading that reveals much more than the author consciously put there, while what it does manage to recognize, confirms that the work I intended is there, and is being seen. JC’s article creates an echo of meaning for me, eight years after the fact (SANS was never reviewed, last I checked it had sold a hundred copies). That it took so long maybe indicates how far my cry in the night traveled? Odd, since JC is also from Yorkshire, and roughly the same age.

We must be brothers of the same (hidden) mother…


No One Understands You Like Me

3 thoughts on “Seen & Not Seen: An Eight-Year Long Echo”

  1. A nice and thorough review/analysis, though I admit I’m a bit annoyed by the writer’s cowing to present totalitarian societal trends in order to further his professional career. We need more courage from freethinkers these days, not less.

  2. Stunning read and I’m only halfway through. I was one of the hundred.
    It’s like a standing wave of co-incidences, once again. Thanks Jasun.


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