Constituents of Hell: Live Liminalist Meet, Best Oshana Event, + Free JaHo Audio

Live Liminalist Meetings Going Forward?

Next Saturday, I will be doing a live videostream interview on Brave with Greg Moffitt of Legalize Freedom, on “Entities: what are we really dealing with?”

The event is open to all, by donation. To receive the link, contact me and introduce yourself.

The event will be at 1 pm UK time on Sat 22nd April. Sobriety is required to attend on the day of the event, with no smoking or drinking during it, pls! It will most likely be non-interactive, and there is no need for you to have your camera on, though you can if you want to. Comments and questions can be made in the chat area.

I hope this event will be the first, but not the last, of its kind, and that it may pave the way for a regular live Liminalist slot (with recorded conversations later appearing online) either on Brave or on Rumble. They will be dialogues or trialogues in the style of The Liminalist. If you have someone you would like to see me talk to, send your suggestions to me, or place them in the comments section at this post.

If you would like to participate in a future event by interviewing me, write to me and tell me about yourself and your interests. Alternatively, if you feel you have been deeply affected by my work and would like to talk about it with me with a live audience, let me know. Which brings me to:

What Are You Here For?

More generally, to all those who have signed up at this site, a few questions to let me know who is out there and how I can best serve you:

What brought you here?
What have you got so far that you have appreciated, enjoyed or benefited from?
What don’t you like or want any more of?
What would you most like to see, hear, receive more of from me in the future?

Send your answers in an email, or post in the comments below.

The Oshana Revelation Channel: Most Outstanding Dave Event to Date:

And now, we need to talk about Hell.
What are the constituents of Hell?
How and why the hell is Hell an unavoidable destination on the Soul’s journey?
How can we make sure it’s only a (brief) stop on our way back to God?
What did Jesus do while sojourning in Hell?
How can we follow his example without literally spending forty days in the desert or getting nailed to a cross? (Not recommended.)

Devilishly quintessential questions such as these were raised, and partially answered, at the recent Easter Dave event “Hell Saturday: Saving Damnation-Bound Ancestors.” It was an illuminated manuscript and a lethal text that provided: a) a glimpse of what existence looks like when the blinkers of endarkenment are fully removed; b) a map of what awaits us in the afterlife; c) practical guidance on how to turn the most sensitive information into accelerated transformation.

Dave meetings are rarely stand-alone events that I feel compelled to recommend for their informational content. But once in a very long while, roughly every year or two, the kid gloves come off and Dave lets rip and gives the full, gory low-down-and-dirty download on the down-low of entity-infested existence. And— only 20 or so humans alive ever get to hear it!? Could (or should) you be one of them?

The event is 2 hrs 36 mins and will most likely be replaying tomorrow, Wednesday, on an all-day loop, European time. If you think you are eligible for a Dave Oshana replay (if you have been to a previous Dave meeting or been in touch with Dave before), then I encourage you to contact Dave and request access ASAP!

JaHo on Hell, Hollywood, and Entity-Negotiations (54 min audio)

Last up, and much more easily available, I got into many of these same questions at my most recent 3‑hr Sat event, in inimitable JaHovian non-enlightened, easy-to-relate-to style. Highlights are available as an mp3 on request, for a limited time (just email me and introduce yourself, if you haven’t already).

Let me hear from you while options last!


1 thought on “Constituents of Hell: Live Liminalist Meet, Best Oshana Event, + Free JaHo Audio”

  1. To answer your specific questions: I’ve listened to your Auticulture podcasts for many years and can’t actually remember how I first came upon them. I;m retired from teaching College English and so appreciated the way you presented your thoughts as well as your kindness when interviewing others. My thinking was always stretched after reading your books and listening to podcasts. I’m 83 now and on my own soul’s journey after having an NDE some 50 years ago. I’ve traveled much the same road you did: Castaneda, Streiber, etc. which I found refreshing as I cast aside my Christian upbringing oh so long ago.

    I’d just like to be aware of new things you write . . . I’m not interested in any on-line meetings. If this is acceptable to you, I’d like to remain on your mailing list. If not, I understand and wish you well and sincerely thank you for your honesty. I would like to hear your recent mp3 mentioned above.


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