The Liminalist 300: Soul Matters

The last Liminalist podcast coincides with Independence Day and is an edited audio from the most recent Land Made Man online meet-up, “Getting Your Soul Back Into Your Body = Getting Your Body Back to the Land.” Talking with reader-listeners Richard and Lawrence, on how working towards physical survival outside of a satanic system is synonymous with the spiritual quest of saving the soul.

Ancestral grooves, traditions, and the Satanic pseudo-groove. Why are we in Hell? How did we get here? Hell’s attractions. Obeying the Law of Matter. When matter pushes back, becoming embodied by struggling with matter, the binaries of good and evil, the Garden of Eden, Second Matrix, back to the original binary system of male and female, the soul’s view of the body & the body’s view of the soul, what makes matter matter, the unreality of reality, the fraudulence of simulation theory, the law of the soul, D.I.D., a culture of imaginary selves, the transgender zone, the ought and the is, mainstream occultism, what the soul wants, what the body is, Prince of Matter, the problem of spiritual practices, spiritual attainment as a side effect and not a goal, the trick of rejecting the body & mind-identification, why people die in the wilderness of shame, everything is Nature, Jasun’s thrift store journey, becoming fully rounded, moving countries and the false fear of change, Jasun’s move to Mexico, escaping Hell, fears for loved ones in the Apocalypse, leaving souls in hell, facing the reality of our predicament, what others can’t and won’t see about society, life under attack, Jasun’s move to Morocco, leaving everything behind & being supported by existence.

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Songs: “This is the End,” by Nickel Eye, “Sweet Disaster and “Die Alone” by Whitehorse; “Blood Moon” by Federale; “Never-Ending Nightmare” by Big Blood.

Here endeth The Liminalist.

9 thoughts on “The Liminalist 300: Soul Matters”

  1. I’m happy to be part of the podcast, yet sad to hear that this will be the last one. I do, however, look forward to the next chapter of the journey.

  2. I want to thank you for this phase of your work. The questions and points you raised throughout this podcast were valuable to me.

    • good question; not really, we had lots of rain in June, tho perhaps overall less rain than usual, say the vineyard owners; certainly no kind of “heat wave”

  3. Interesting that the last time I listened to one of your always interesting podcasts, you were hinting that you were winding it all down. That was several years ago, about the time you were first looking to sell your house. I somehow drifted away and just came back yesterday to listen, and now it appears you’re really going to do it. Sad for me, but there’s plenty still left to listen to. And I’m happy for you and want to thank you for your body of work. Truly the only podcast I ever listened to. Best of luck to you, Jason. Thanks again.

  4. I’m a little late to the party, but I see this is the last episode you’ll ever do. I’ve enjoyed the show throughout the years, and it made me feel better knowing there were other people who thought the same way about certain goings-on. I wish you luck in whatever you do in the future. Thank you for all the great insights.


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