Going Beyond the Threshold of Theory: Live Zoom Event & New YouTube Videos

If all is one then who am I? If we are caught in an illusory construction of reality, and if the nature of our entrapment is the inception of an internal usurper called “identity,” what’s the view from the outside and who—or what—is there to enjoy it?

If what we call people are all aspects of a collective soul-being, then what becomes of personal relations in the post-enlightened state? Do men and women marry or get given in marriage after the Resurrection? How exactly do we reach the threshold of mind and cross over into fully embodied reality? Can we explore a state of being beyond words in conversation with one another?

How to identify and avoid the pitfalls of the false identity’s subterfuges? And, as within so without, how can we navigate the deception, subterfuge, and corruption of this world? How can we overcome the ceaseless flood of disinformation being generated, not only by other people and groups, but internally, by our own faulty cognitive and perceptual faculties? (See second video below.)

I do not have all the answers to these questions; but together, we might discover them.

The problem of theory of mind is a self-replicating idea of other people as separate from ourselves. This only reinforces the idea of our own mind-based existence as a separate id-entity. This imagined other is an endless stream of someones who we have to constantly appeal to, compete with, impress, or oppose, simply in order to maintain our sense of self-importance, security, and well-being. But what if mind itself is just a theory, a ruse by which we unconsciously assert both ego and otherness?

Suppose, in contrast, that soul (and body) is a lived reality of togetherness that erases all of our half-baked theories about discreet egos competing for their piece of Nirvana, and replaces it with a transcendental “we,” already situated in the earthly delight of this moment?

This live, live-in Liminalist event is on December 7th 2019, at 10 am PST/1pm EST/6pm UK time, and will be by donation (recommended amount: $10-20). Complete sobriety is required for the good of all.

If interested, sign up here.


Three new videos + Legalize Freedom Interview links:

Parts 2 & 3 of Prisoner of Infinity Interview with Greg Moffet for Legalize Freedom

Jasun Horsley – Stormers of Heaven: Enlightenment or Oblivion?

Jasun Horsley – Stormers of Heaven: Counterfeits and Conspiracies

7 thoughts on “Going Beyond the Threshold of Theory: Live Zoom Event & New YouTube Videos”

  1. I always get a little more than I bargained for at these things. Really just moved to tears by Oli and Sam during the first part that I was able to attend. Open, honest, raw, real, no words really do it service. Glad I could at least join for a bit.

    Seemed like a nice space and I think you should do it again.. BUT, the red curtain behind Jasun kept making me think of Twin Peaks.

  2. RE meet up,meaningful discussion and sincere dialogue on a number of subjects which included sincerity itself.

    Really enjoyed hearing from the participants.That was the biggest take away for myself,hearing direct and personal expression regardless of subject or person.It brought a feeling of connectedness and being present that regular mediums be they forums,comment sections,podcast interviews,ect lack or seem to only act as one way mirrors.

    I do think these meet ups are an extension of your over all work Jasun but maybe in a less formal way.

    Mike B had the same thought about the red curtain as i did.Maybe it was acting as a cultural subconscious trigger to put our minds into a open state.I actually liked it btw.

    Thanks again

    • the red (actually copper-orange) curtain was meant to stand in for a green screen so i can use virtual background for my videos, but it doesn’t work as well so I am waiting on the green…

      thanks for the feedback, which so far has been wholly positive, suggesting a follow-up event for the 21st.

  3. Possible theme for next meet, if it’s all guys again:

    When God gave man his manhood, He gave it with the built-in proviso that man would have no conscious control over it. Man’s manhood, IOW, belongs to God.

    Does that make Viagra the most satanic invention in the history of humanity?


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