Happy Is He Who Is Not Offended By Me (Soul to Body Imperative: Sat Meet Up)


Have you ever considered that you might be going to outlive the human race?! Now’s the time for unthinkable thoughts!

Time is running out!

What is time running out for? For all of us.

To do what? To make deep, love-filled, soul contact, firstly within our own bodies and minds; secondly, between our souls and other souls, in time for this mortal coil to shuffle off, both yours and that of the species — whichever comes first!

Whatever happens — don’t be offended by the overtures of the soul. And don’t be fooled by all these words. This is a heart-to-heart invitation, from one soul to another, in times of terrible trouble and unimaginable evil. This gospel is not for your mind but for your soul. For the mind, anyway, all news is bad news.

This email goes out to all 1,059 followers of this site, 244 of signer-uppers at the Land Made Man site. (Sorry for those who got it twice.) 2,028 Twitter followers have also been alerted, as well as 2,160 YouTube followers.

In for a penny! Am I desperate? No, just curious. We will see who among them (you) is genuinely drawn to the light, to step through Hell’s exit and leave This World behind forever.

What am I offering? In order of importance:

1)      A two-tiered YouTube/Zoom Meet this Saturday, March 5, at 1 pm UK time. The first part, 30-60 mins, will be on YouTube and for public attendance (sobriety is requested to attend). The second part will be over at Zoom (link provided on request, 24 hours sobriety required to attend). In the second meeting, following directly from the first, you will have a chance to meet and greet and feel complete, as well as hear some insider specifics on how to pragmatically proceed to save souls in the end of days.

More info here: https://landmademan.com/soul-love-or-bust-meet

2)      For passive consumers & flies on the wall, there’s a 3.5 hour podcast interview I did with Subliminal Jihad: https://www.podbean.com/site/EpisodeDownload/DIR12CF3C30PAS6J

Direct link: https://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/1223734249-subliminaljihad-sj-104-prisoner-of-id-entities-jasun-horsley.mp3

3)     And two new posts of Rudolf Steiner material:

Lucifer + Ahriman (A Steiner Primer)

The Mirror is Not the Face: Why the Intellect Is No Substitute for Spirit  

That’s all for today. The opportunity’s on. The fires are burning — the only question is, will you step into them willingly, in time to pass through to the other side? Or will you shrink further into your tortoise shell, until they come and cook you alive?


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